5 Tips How to Reduce Risk of Losing Your Suitcase!

5 Tips How to Reduce Risk of Losing Your Suitcase! Imagine travelling for hours, several flights, some of them are late and at the end – at final destination it is stressful situation while waiting your suitcase.

Maybe someone has mixed and taken your suitcase, but maybe it has not reached the destination? This situation is experiencing thousands of travelers every day.

Here are 5 tips how to reduce risk of losing your suitcase:

  1. Check in at least 2 hours before your flight to give airport handlers maximum time to move your suitcase to the correct terminal and on to the right plane.
  2. Airport staff are only humans so double-check that the right airport code has been attached to your suitcase.
  3. Using luggage tag with your information will help airport staff identify and locate your suitcase in case it is lost.
  4. Take some photos of belongings in your suitcase. This might help you to prove the value of the belongings if you decide to make a lost luggage claim.
  5. Personalize your suitcase. You will reduce possibility to pick up your suitcase accidently by someone else and it will be easily identifiable by airline staff.

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