BREAKING: BELARUS Cancels Visas For Citizens Of 80 Countries!

Citizens of 80 countries can enter Belarus visa-free for up to 5 days through Minsk National Airport. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has signed a decree scrapping visa requirements for foreign citizens traveling to and from the country, his press office has reported.

Belarus visa-free entry will apply to citizens of 39 European states, including all EU countries, as well as to Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, Japan and other states.

These are, first of all, countries without migration problems, strategic partners of Belarus and the states that have unilaterally lifted visas for Belarusian citizens.

The new rules also cover such categories of travelers as non-citizens of Latvia and persons without citizenship from Estonia.

belarus visaTo enter Belarus visa-free, foreigners need to have a valid passport or other travel document, a certain sum of money (equivalent of 2 basic amounts, or 42 Belarusian rubles, for each day of stay), a medical insurance valid in Belarus.

Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa must also have a valid multiple visa to any EU member state or Schengen country with a mark about the entry into their territory, as well as tickets confirming leave from Minsk National airport within 5 days from the date of entry.

Belarus visa-free travel does not apply to persons coming to Belarus with flights from Russia and intending to fly to Russia.

The decree will come into force one month after its official publication.

  • Csaba Kraus

    42 BYR (Belarusian rubles) is not even one USD cent, I would be very suprised if this was true

    • Aleksandra Kozlova

      Actually it is a little bit less than 20 Eur. Belarus processed denomination last year. And it is actually true.

      • Csaba Kraus

        you are right! i completely missed this move of their central bank. however it seems that some websites such as yahoo finance are still not picking up the new rate, even though it’clearly on the NBRB website.

        • Aleksandra Kozlova

          Right. And the omission of such changes makes some online converter services using Yahoo and others as a basis not useful any more.

  • Andrei Burdenkov

    And important notice: you have to fly in and out of MSQ. Stay cannot be extended.

  • Katya Makarevich

    The new law is actually complicated since a lot of the flights from Europe to Minsk are stopovers to Russia. So it means one still needs a visa if you are doing a connection to Russia. But it’s much better than nothing, a big step forward in the touristic sphere.