Lufthansa will offer Economy ‘Light’ fares on North American routes from this summer!

Lufthansa, the only 5 stars European airline, will introduce an Economy “Light” fare on its transatlantic routes from this summer.

The new cheaper fare, which Lufthansa has been testing on some routes between Scandinavia and North America since October, allows passengers on airlines Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines to bring only carry-on luggage on their trip.

For an additional fee, they can add check-in luggage or request a seat reservation in advance.

British Airways introduced the same new category last month. They call it the new “basic” fare, which also lacks checked luggage and seat selection on transatlantic routes.

It was because of the increasing competition from low-cost airlines.

Low-cost airlines like Norwegian, WowAir, Westjet have became major players on transatlantic routes in past years, causing legacy airlines a new challenge. It seems the trend is turning around and now legacy airlines will challenge the new players on the market. It seems a new price war is getting started on these routes.

Source: Reuters