The Most Romantic Places to Visit in Europe

Montreux, Switzerland

There are a plenty of cute and romantic cities and towns in Switzerland but one of the most romantic places is the little town Montreux. Located just at the shores of Lake Geneva it has million of fantastically romantic restaurants and beautiful atmosphere but one thing that makes the town incredibly romantic, as well as different from other places in Switzerland, is the gorgeous promenade.

It’s very special since there is no other place so beautifully decorated with flowers in different shapes and colours. Strolling along the promenade and having a stunning view of Lake Geneva and the mountains is one of the most romantic things to do. At sunset or sunrise, it’s simply magical and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that people actually propose right there, at the promenade.



As you all probably know already, this is the most popular honeymoon destinations, therefore it’s fully geared with romantic things and spots. It’s an excellent escape with magical sunsets/sunrises, remote beaches to enjoy and volcanic islands to explore.

You can begin your day by watching the sunrise from your little house and have breakfast on a private balcony. Then you can go beach hunting with a Vespa or have a romantic dinner on a cliffside with a candlelight sunset. Soak yourselves in a hot tub with a view over the caldera drinking one of the wine bottles you brought back from a local winery after a wine tasting excursion. Wander through the cute streets while enjoying the uninterrupted views of the ocean with the one you love. Romantic? You bet!



If you’re thinking of romantic cruises and soulful sunsets in the Mediterranean, then the tiny island of Malta should be your top choice!

Malta is surrounded by the azure seas, hugged by the rugged coastline and is undoubtedly very warm in both local attitude and climate. It can offer a great romantic getaway ranging from top class restaurants visits, snorkelling in crystal clear waters, exploration of mysterious caves to beautiful sunset boat trips in the Mediterranean sea with romantic dinner and a glass of wine on board.



Capri is a regular destination for those who love luxuries and feel the pull of the sea. This fancy island is one of the most romantic places in the world and has inspired legends and myths, artists and poets over the centuries. Anacapri town is the special place where to find jaw-dropping views over the Bay of Naples, while the rest of the island has interesting ancient buildings and grottos.

It’s a good idea to hire a traditional gozzo boat and go on an intimate boat tour. The breathtaking shoreline hides many treasures including the famous Faraglioni and Blue Grotto rock formations.

When on shore, visit the beautiful Gardens of Augustus with panoramic views of the coastline. Then take a moment to relax and wait for the Capri sunset in one of the charismatic restaurants and bars overlooking the sea.



Widely known as one of the most romantic places in Europe, Venice offers a great weekend getaway with a loved one. From it’s glamorous choice of luxury accommodation to its much-adored gondola ride for two, it is the perfect destination for a long and romantic weekend. Get lost between the cute narrow streets of the island of Venice and have a little adventure together with your partner!

Porto, Portugal

Located in the northwest of Portugal, Porto is another well-known honeymoon destination. Obviously worth mentioning – Porto is the birth city of the great Port Wine! So you might as well use the chance and abuse that while having a romantic dinner together in a cozy restaurant by the seashore. I don’t know about you, but that sounds more than just perfect to me!


Algarve, Portugal

South of Portugal also has something romantic to offer. If you’re into the most breathtaking coastline in Europe then head to Algarve. The endless tiny hidden beaches and high cliffs will amaze you both! This region is just excellent for a van trip and sunset watching from out of the back of your van parked on top of the cliff or somewhere in the dunes. Beach hunting with a van is super simple and fun way to enjoy the nature freely. In addition, Algarve has a handful of cute little towns, such as Sagres and Tavira and prices are very friendly compared to other destinations.

Beautiful sandy beach near Lagos in Panta da Piedade Algarve region Portugal

Tuscany, Italy

One of the best wine regions in the world with ancient cities and rolling green hills – there’s an unlimited amount of romance that’s found in Tuscany. Stroll through classic towns such as Lucca, San Gimignano, and Siena, to admire stunning architecture and artistic masterpieces, as well as to indulge lots of gelato and pasta every single day.

By all means, Florence must not be skipped when on a romantic trip to Tuscany. It’s simply one of the most romantic and charming cities on Earth. It would be difficult to visit the city where the Renaissance was born without feeling a bit of romance and magic in the air. Florence certainly has it all!


Paris, France

Ha! You probably saw this one coming, did you? But who are we kidding, there’s no romantic list of cities without Paris included! It’s a very popular honeymoon destination and it’s a fact that Paris is the city every couple must visit at least once. It’s a bit of a cliche, that’s true, but the city has really earned its reputation as the city of love. Where else can you live out your teenage romance fantasies if not with the Eiffel Tower in the background?!

The city has plenty of romantic vibes and lovey-dovey atmosphere but apart from that, you can also find tons of museums, restaurants, architectural landmarks and other exciting activities for you both to enjoy. There really are a ton of things to do in Paris!