Cheap bus in Estonia: tickets by just for €1!

Cheap bus in Estonia: tickets by just for €1! Get first tickets for 1 EUR and use cheap bus in Estonia. The bus connections operating between Tallinn, Parnu, Narva and Tartu.

From this summer Sir Brian Souter’s company expanded with the launch of – a new bus operator in Estonia. Sir Brian Souter is the founder of Megabus – coach operator that serves numerous destinations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, USA and Canada. He also owns ManaBus (New Zealand), OnniBus (Finland) and PolskiBus (Poland), among many other transport related investments.

Travel dates:

14 December – 29 February


Tallinn <-> Tartu

Tallinn <-> Pärnu

Tallinn <-> Narva

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