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Everybody knows the saying “yeah right… and pigs can fly”. Actually they really do! And cheap flight tickets exists – that’s a fact.

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Blog Travelfree.info will help you to find the best travel deals, cheap flights, hotels and tours from Europe to the rest of the world.

We are constantly searching for amazing deals and lowest possible prices to share them with you, so You can buy them yourself without any commisions! Follow us and know about the best deals first!

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edgarsEdgars Plešs, owner of TravelFree.info blog

More than 8 years experience in tourism. To help and show people how to travel wise – it is great! Idea about TravelFree.info was many years ago, but I created it in July 2014. Since that time travel blog is growing each month and I can be really thankful to our readers.

Motto: Complain less and give more…

MantasMantas Tamulevičius, co-editor of TravelFree.info blog

I‘m Mantas and I‘m crazy about travelling. Since I‘m a 21-year-old student and can‘t afford flying by business class flights and living in luxurious hotels but still have a burning desire to explore the world and have new experiences, so that‘s why I have to find alternatives. Those are cheap airlines, bus tickets for a few euros, cheap accommodations etc. And that is why I‘m in Travelfree.info, to share all this with others because travelling is not a privilege but rather an entitlement.



Richard Cegdeli

Richard Cegdeli, co-editor of TravelFree.info blog

I’m Richard, and I love travelling and exploring new places. For me travelling starts with finding great deals, which I enjoy as much as the travelling itself. I believe travelling nowadays is affordable for everyone, and I am trying to help others to be able to travel to new places with our posts on Travelfree.info.


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