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edgarsEdgars Plešs, founder & owner of TravelFree.info, Ucuzgezi.info and TravelFree.lv blog

More than 8 years experience in tourism. To help and show people how to travel wise – it is great! The idea about TravelFree.info was many years ago, but I created it in July 2014. Since that time travel blog is growing each month and I can be really thankful to our readers.

Motto: Complain less and give more…

MattiaMattia Todesco, co-editor of TravelFree.info blog

I’m Mattia, geographer who loves discovering the world! I’m keen on traveling but I’m still a student so, if I really want to, I have to travel on a budget. People usually believe that travelling is more expensive than they think and I love to surprise them about how cheap could be in reality! This is the reason why I am in Travelfree.info




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