Monese bank card for FREE

Before you go on holiday, there are some things you need to know about saving money on your credit/debit card. Mainly, all the banks charge for the cards what we have. Have you heard about no commissions and free debit cards? Sounds too good to be true, but believe or not, this exists already for years. This should help protect your pocket. Monese card is a great choice for international travellers.

Monese was among the very first banks in the United Kingdom to only be available via a mobile app. The bank’s founder opened the bank due to his inability to open a bank account in the UK because he did not have local utility bills or credit history. Noticing that he was not the only one with the problem, The Monese Bank and App was born.

👉 Open App Store and download Monese.

free bank card monese

For mobile people

Banking for mobile people – instant and portable across all of Europe. No proof of address required. App and service in 12 languages.

Smart and Connected

Use Monese as your designated main account. Receive and make payments, set up Direct Debits, shop online and in-person – all with one account.

FCA regulated

Monese is subject to FCA regulations. We protect 100% of your money by holding it at major banks and never reinvesting it.

Apple Pay

Easier, faster, more secure payments. Now available with your Monese cards in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK and other countries. This means you can make payments in person using your iPhone or for iOS apps and around the web where it is accepted. With a tap on your phone, you now have the ability to pay thousands of shops and other merchants.

monese free bank card apple pay

👉 Open App Store and download Monese. Sign up with the invite code EDGAR093 and get up to €25 gift when you top-up your Monese account. Please Note you Get a €10 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card, other €15 you get when you have spent €500 on your Monese account.

👉 Order Mastercard. It costs €5 but the €10 + 15 initial gift from my promo code EDGAR093 will pay for that. The card does NOT have a monthly fee. View all Monese fees here.