FREE Revolut card! Debit Card – every traveler must have!

Do you want to get a Revolut free card? With a free account (which means no monthly or yearly fees) you can withdraw up to 200 EUR/month without any extra fees. Spend abroad with no fees. Therefore Revolut is the perfect travel companion, allowing you to spend fee-free with the real exchange rate in over 130 currencies.

Firstly, Revolut Ltd is a digital banking alternative that includes a pre-paid debit card (MasterCard or VISA), currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. Some of you might have heard of Revolut’s competitors, such as Vivid, Wise, N26, Monese, Wirex or similar cards. All companies have one thing in common: they’re out there to become the biggest nightmare for the long-established banks. Instead of opening branches that cost money, these Startups will use something you’re always carrying with you to replace your old bank – your phone.

Opening an account with Revolut only takes a few minutes, and you can set one up directly from your phone (Android or iOS). Revolut will show you exactly where your money is going each month, and it even lets you set up monthly budgets for things like restaurants and groceries.

revolut card for free

What is this Revolut promotion about?

Revolut is offering users in France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece and Ireland etc. the opportunity to sign up to Revolut for the first time and receive:

  • 3 months of the Premium subscription plan for free (the “ Free Trial ”);
  • Top Up Offer – €10 in the form of a top-up that you can use for any physical or virtual Revolut card payments. You will have access to €10 after you make your first virtual or physical Revolut card payment. This first Revolut card payment transaction can be of any value above €0 and can be made to any merchant.

revolut sign up bonus 2022

TravelFree is committed to delivering the best travel deals for you & Revolut – the global digital bank alternative – is committed to saving your hard-earned € while you are enjoying your trip abroad.

1-hour Delayed flight? You get a free lounge

Waiting around at the airport when you should be soaking up the sunshine is no fun. Introducing SmartDelay, a new feature that gives you and your travel companions a free lounge pass if your flight is delayed more than an hour.

The must-knows for SmartDelay

Right now, SmartDelay is available for Revolut Premium and Metal customers. For example, here are a few other important must-knows for using the feature:

  • Premium customers get one pass for themselves and one pass for a travel companion
  • Metal customers get one pass for themselves and up to three passes for travel companions
  • You can search for nearby lounges in the app, in the Lounges section
  • You may register for SmartDelay even after your flight is delayed more than an hour
  • ID and boarding passes will be required in order to access the lounge. You’ll need to update your app in order to access SmartDelay

Why free Revolut card?

  • Free contactless MasterCard or VISA debit card – use it almost instantly after signing up.
  • You get a current account in £ and €, with an IBAN number for EU payments
  • Spend abroad in over 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above £5,000 each month.
  • Cash-out €200 a month in international ATM withdrawals for free. Forget about trying to find the “right” ATM.
  • Travel insurance on your phone? Yes, please! No hidden fees, starting from 1 EUR a day, worldwide, easy to add your friends and family.
  • Award-winning iOS and Android app.
  • Instantly send and request money from your friends at the touch of a button. All free of charge among Revolut users.
  • Transfer money abroad in 24 currencies with the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above £5,000 each month.
  • Revolut stock market. You can buy and sell 300 U.S. stocks directly from the Revolut app. Revolut customers can now access over 450 U.S. stocks and download monthly statements directly from within the app.
  • Revolut allows you to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency from within their mobile app.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay payment support

revolut free card 2022

All this and much more – get the Revolut free card here: