Cancelled Flights Compensation in the EU up to €600: Your Ultimate Guide

Probably you have read about hundreds of cancelled flights from the UK. Did you know that it is possible to get cancelled flights compensation in EU? EU air passenger rights – any passenger has the right to get compensation if the airline cancels a flight, but there are several circumstances under which the airlines are not responsible for the flight disruption – and the flight is not eligible for flight compensation! Cancelled Flights Compensation in EU

In 2004, the European Parliament passed common rules (EU regulation 261/2004) on compensation for passengers who were denied boarding, had their flight cancelled or experienced a long delay. The rules base maximum compensation on the distance travelled and where you’re flying to and from.

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Cancelled flights compensation in EU. How much?

Cancelled Flights Compensation in EU

When are you not entitled to claim compensation for cancelled flights?

1) Flight cancelled more than 14 days prior

If your flight was cancelled more than 14 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the flight is not considered eligible for flight compensation.

2) Strikes and incidents

Strikes at the airline or the airport or various other incidents that the airline can’t control. These are extraordinary circumstances, making the flight not eligible for compensation.

3) Bad weather conditions

If the weather conditions at either the origin airport or the destination make operating an aircraft unsafe. Your disrupted flight is not considered eligible for compensation.

4) Non-EU flight/operator

If your flight is to the EU, but your carrier isn’t registered in the EU, the flight is not considered for compensation.

Cancelled Flights Compensation

The cancelled flight was the airline’s fault

Last, of all, the flight is only eligible for cancelled flight compensation if the airline was responsible for the disruption! When are you eligible for flight cancellation compensation?

Operational issues

The flight was not able to arrive on time because the airline messed up with the crew’s planning.

Aeroplane technical issues

The flight disruption occurred because something broke down in the plane and it wasn’t a manufacturing flaw.

Aeroplane rotation issues

The plane was late to arrive from the previous flight to fly your route.


There might be some other airline issue that disrupts the flight, thus making it eligible for compensation.

Cancelled Flights Compensation in EU up to 600 EUR. Claim now with Skycop!

Cancelled Flights Compensation EU