Churches of SRI LANKA You Should Visit

Sri Lanka is a nice country and a perfect destination for holidays. To experience some peace and see the beauty of the past, you must visit the churches of Sri Lanka. Many years back, the Colombo of Sri Lanka was resided by the Portuguese and Christians. It has been many years since the Portuguese and Christians left Sri Lanka, but the churches stand till today. The beautiful churches are the main attraction of Sri Lanka.

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Holy Cross Church

The Holy Cross Church is the perfect destination for weddings. Not only that, but the tourists love to explore this holy place. It has an awesome texture and the church is located near the ocean. Enjoy the awesome view from the church. The Holy Cross Church is in Kalutara of Sri Lanka. Every year, tourists from different parts of the world visit Kalutara for taking a glance at this beautiful church. Feel blessed if you ever be able to visit this place and please your soul with the glance of the Virgin Mary. Also, participate in the prayer at 7:00 AM on Sundays and 7:30 Am on Saturdays.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Negombo was once ruled by the Portuguese, the symbol of their radiance is projected by St. Mary’s Cathedral in Negombo, a testimony of neoclassicism. The church is a three-storied building painted in an alabaster fashion. The soft pink colours of the walls will please your eyes. St. Mary’s Cathedral is considered one of the biggest churches in the country. A big clock is fitted on the right part of the building. Localities can hear the bells of the church ring. You can also enjoy the soft tunes when you visit Negombo. This historical place was constructed in 1924. If the tour guide accompanies you, then the historical background of St. Mary’s Cathedral will be crystal clear.

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

In 1760, the St. Lucia’s Cathedral was established. The structure of this church has the touch of renaissance and a beautiful Gothic style. The statues, wooden windows and doors, and humongous bells, all have levelled up the attraction of St. Lucia’s Cathedral. Among the church’s ornaments, the bell is the most attractive. It weighs around 4300 pounds and it was shipped from France; the floral pattern and holy symbols are carved over the surface of the bell.

He was a heroic person, who protected the ones with eye trouble in Colombo. And St. Lucia’s Cathedral was named after him – St. Lucia. It’s one of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka, which is considered a Parish. This cathedral has rich background and heritage in Colombo. Don’t miss any chance to explore this exotic place.

St. Anthony’s Shrine

A holy place that has united the Catholics and non-catholic in Sri Lanka – St. Anthony’s Shrine was built in 1828 and was dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. This beautiful church is located in Kochchikade, Kotahena of Colombo. The impressive Roman Catholic touch makes the church more beautiful. People have faith in St. Anthony’s Shrine; it’s believed that if you worship in this church, all your problems will fade away and your wish will be granted. The St. Anthony’s Shrine is visited by religious people mostly. You will be amazed at the godly atmosphere. On the 1st floor of the church, tourists can explore the museum too.

Wolvendaal Church

The Wolvendaal Church is located in Pettah, Colombo. The church will remind you about the Dutch Colonial. It reminds me of the era when the Dutch remained in Sri Lanka. So many years have passed by, but the church remains the same. The beautiful view will amaze you. Tourists can participate in the mass timing too at 9:30 AM. The architectural style of Wolvendaal Church is influenced by Greek and Roman style. Don’t miss this delightful sight, if you visit Sri Lanka. You can also take a tour around the church; the peaceful atmosphere is all that you need.

Make this tour memorable, and bring back lots of memories. This time come back with peace and spread positivity among your loved ones. Visit Sri Lanka and explore the famous churches. All you need is a tour guide to enhance your knowledge. Also, try the best dishes in the country. December would be the best time for visiting the churches.