EASYJET: bags and sports equipment only for €0.99

Dreaming of the Great Outdoors? Bags and sports equipment are now just for €0.99. Includes all hold bags, bikes, skis, surfboards, golf clubs, tents and rucksacks. Simply book before Friday 17 April 2020

Customers who make an easyJet flight booking until midnight on 16 April 2020 (the ‘offer period’) can add sports equipment or hold bags (“items”) for €0.99 each.

Offer applies to all easyJet flights from 1 June 2020 out to the end of our current schedule.

Items must be added to the booking during the offer period. Additional fees will apply for any items added after the offer period.

Customers can add items online during the booking process or via Manage Bookings on easyJet.com or on the mobile app.

Fees for extra weight, other fees and all restrictions on sports equipment, baggage and dangerous goods continue to apply. Please see Easyjet baggage policy and terms and conditions for more details

easyjet bags and sports equipment