Flights from Bulgaria to Maldives and Sri Lanka from €309 both ways!

Fly to MALE (MALDIVES) or to Colombo (SRI LANKA) from Sofia from €309 both ways. Book cheap flights and fly to Male or Colombo from Bulgaria from €309 both ways. Find the cheapest flights and fly to Maldives or Colombo from Sofia, book your ticket at the best price!

The Maldives (Dhivehi: ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ Dhivehi Raajje) are an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls (200 inhabited islands, plus 80 islands with tourist resorts) in the Indian Ocean. They lie south-southwest of India and are considered part of Southern Asia. Maldives was for the most part unknown to tourists until the early 1970s. Just 185 of the islands are home to its 300,000 inhabitants. The other islands are used entirely for economic functions, of that tourism and agriculture are dominant. Tourism accounts for 28% of the GDP. Over 90% of the state government income comes from import duties and tourism-related taxes.

Travel dates:

November 2016 – February 2017

Some examples:

Sofia – Male (Maldives) – Sofia (309 EUR)

16/11/16 – 30/11/16
18/11/16 – 02/12/16
02/12/16 – 16/12/16

sofia maldives sofia 318
Sofia – Colombo (Sri Lanka) – Sofia (318 EUR)

16/11/16 – 20/11/16
16/11/16 – 30/11/16
02/12/16 – 16/12/16

sofia sri lanka sofia 327

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