Flights from Riga to TRONDHEIM from €41 both ways!

Flights from Riga to TRONDHEIM, Norway, from €41 both ways. Find the cheapest flights from Riga to Tronheim and book your ticket at the best price! Flights from Riga to Trondheim  cost from €41.10 both ways with Norwegian Airlines!

Trondheim is an old city in central Norway. The city is dominated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology; its more than 25,000 students are a lot in a city with merely 184,000 inhabitants in total, and this contributes greatly to the city’s economy. It  is the oldest of Norway’s major cities, and its old heritage can still be traced in and around the city centre. The marvellous Nidaros Cathedral, the second largest church of Northern Europe, towers over the city centre, which is roughly the area inside the meandering Nidelva. The city boasts a rich, cultural heritage, but is still a major centre. Even if the size is modest, there’s a lot going on in Trondheim. Music, arts, culture, alternative politics, nightlife, student life… all combines into making Trondheim one of the most exciting city centres of Northern Europe.

Travel dates:

April – June 2016

Some examples:

Fri 15/04/16 – Wed 20/04/16

Wed 20/04/16 – Mon 25/04/16

Fri 06/05/16 – Wed 11/05/16

Wed 25/05/16 – Wed 01/06/16

Fri 03/06/16 – Wed 08/06/16

And other options.

Where to book:

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