Flights from Stockholm to Johannesburg (South Africa) for €341 (Also XMAS)

Flights from Stockholm to Johannesburg (South Africa) for €341 round-trip by SAS. Find the cheapest flights from Stockholm to Johannesburg (South Africa) and book your ticket at the best price! Flights from Stockholm to Johannesburg cost only €341 both ways.

Johannesburg (in spoken language also referred to as Joburg, Egoli or Jozi ) is South Africa’s largest city. There are many things that are unique to Johannesburg. It features a distinct street entrepreneurship, and motorists can buy things from vendors selling goods at traffic lights, as in many other developing-world cities. This includes food, umbrellas, soccer balls, cellular phone accessories and many other goods. Barbershops consisting of nothing but a chair and an enthusiastic barber can be found on the sides of roads, although they tend to specialize in African rather than Caucasian hair. Mine dumps can also be seen throughout the city and are a reminder of the city’s legacy of gold mining. These dumps are fast disappearing as new gold extraction techniques have made it profitable for mining companies to reprocess these dumps.


Stockholm – Johannesburg – Stockholm

Travel dates:

September 2018 – March 2019

Some examples:

6 – 17 Sep

9 – 21 Oct

8 – 18 Nov

11 – 27 Dec

17 – 27 Jan

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Flights from Stockholm to Johannesburg South Africa