Flights from Ireland to the USA (many cities) from €305 both ways!

Flights from Ireland (Dublin, Shannon) to the USA (many cities) from €305 both ways. Book cheap flights from Ireland to the United States of America. Flights to the USA cost from 305 EUR both ways.

The United States of America (commonly referred to as the United States, U.S., USA, or America), is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district of Washington, D,C., five major territories, and various possessions. The 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C., are in central North America between Canada and Mexico. The state of Alaska is in the northwestern part of North America and the state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. At 3.8 million square miles (9.9 million km2) and with over 320 million people, the country is the world’s third largest by total area (fourth largest by land area) and the third most populous. It is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries. The geography and climate of the United States are also extremely diverse, and the country is home to a wide variety of wildlife.


Shannon – Atlanta/Detroit/Minneapolis – Shannon

Dublin – Atlanta/Detroit/Minneapolis – Dublin

Travel dates:

May – September 2016

Links and examples:

Shannon – Atlanta – Shannon (from 305 EUR)

11 May – 18 May
09 June – 14 June
18 June – 30 June

Shannon – Detroit – Shannon (from 310 EUR)

08 May – 15 May
09 May – 14 May

Shannon – Minneapolis – Shannon (from 321 EUR)

14 May – 09 June
09 June – 14 June
09 June – 30 June

Dublin – Minneapolis – Dublin (from 336 EUR)

08 May – 15 May
14 May – 11 June
11 June – 18 June

Dublin – Atlanta – Dublin (from 331 EUR)

28 Aug – 10 Sept
14 Sept – 28 Sept
23 Sept – 28 Sept

Dublin – Detroit – Dublin (from 349 EUR)

08 May – 15 May
14 June – 30 June
23 June – 30 June

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