Hot Europe Destinations For Autumn 2018

Rhodes, Greece

No matter which Greek island you choose in autumn you’re likely to experience warm sunshine as well as few crowds. However, an island which is especially lovely at this time of the year is Rhodes. In July and August its medieval Old Town is filled with tourists but if you visit it in the autumn you can have its narrow alleys with peaceful squares and Ottoman mansions basically all to yourself. Also, September is the best time for visiting the island’s most famous tourist attraction – Petaloudes (Butterfly Valley). You are able to experience this beautiful green valley tourist-free when out of season, which means it’s also the perfect time to spot the thousands of brightly colored insects.

Average maximum temperature: 28C

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Sardinia, Italy

Want to discover one of the island’s best-kept secrets? Visit Sardinia in autumn and get a chance to experience Autunno in Barbagia (Autumn in Barbagia). It’s a series of festivals that run from September to December and take place across 27 villages in Barbagia (stunning mountainous area of inland Sardinia). Most of the streets are transformed into various markets and workshops, locals even open their doors to visitors and walks are held through the mountains. Or it’s also possible to just relax on one of the near-empty beaches and soak up some sun!

Average maximum temperature: 27C

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a very popular tourist destination, therefore it’s usually extremely busy in the summer period; it’s difficult to find accommodation and countless cruise ships dock in its port, increasing the number of tourists to already overcrowded beaches and streets. While autumn is the time that brings out the best of the city; the weather is less humid, there’s a calm and laid back atmosphere, the sea is still warm enough for swimming, as well as the prices for ferries and accommodation are much lower.

Average maximum temperature: 25C

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Thanks to its southerly position, Cyprus enjoys a long and pretty hot autumn with temperatures reaching 30s. Here an increasing number of village houses have been converted into cottages and inns, many of them located in remote rural areas which are perfect for exploring on foot especially on cooler autumn days. After a fun day, cool off with a swim in the sea, still amazingly warm at this time of the year.

Average maximum temperature: 33C

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Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Situated about 70 km from Western Sahara, Lanzarote is special with its more desert-like climate compared to the Mediterranean. Lanzarote is at its best in autumn because the northeasterly trade winds, which usually blow across the island from March to August, drop significantly, tourist crowds have decreased and the sea, heated by the hot summer sun, is at its warmest at this time (temperature around the mid-20s).

It’s no doubt the perfect time to put on your walking shoes and trek the island’s volcanic peaks as well. Timanfaya national park (Fire Mountain) can be a good choice just for that!

Average maximum temperature: 29C

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