new booking options: Multicity transportation + €10 Discount Code have launched the intermodal booking platform. They are now connecting flights to trains and buses — all into one itinerary. By doing this, they are getting closer to its vision of implementing Multicity transportation anywhere in the world.

The itineraries to cities that don’t have an airport (so-called “non-IATA-cities”) are already being offered to the customers. Currently, you are able to find around 5000 routes with these cities. The routes are mostly holiday destinations.

Check this itinerary to a city without an airport.

If someone is traveling to a city that has no commercial airport, the person always needs to do multiple searches on multiple websites, combining the flight and the ground part. provides all of this on their website!

While researching the options, the customers are getting results immediately. The results include the most optimal combination of transport. Therefore, travelers are saving money and time. The important is also that they will get the support as they are used when traveling with In case of any flight delay or cancellation, they are covered by Guarantee. plan is to provide the customer with an option to search & book from and to any address.

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10 EUR Discount for purchase over 150 EUR

Duration: 30 April – 30 May
Some examples:

1. Eurotrip from London, the UK to Central Europe, visiting Prague, Vienna, and Budapest (flights + bus + train)

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2. Visiting France from Vilnius, Lithuania. Paris, Marseille, Nice in on trip (flights + train + bus)

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3. Eurotrip from Prague, Czechia. Visiting Paris, Barcelona, Sanremo, and Marseille in one trip (flights + bus)

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