Saving on Cruises with CruisePanda

CruisePanda represents a helpful online service allowing you to save on cruises hundreds and even (if you go on cruises regularly) thousands of euros. This is how CruisePanda does it. It is a TravelFree partner and we will tell you more about it.

Unlike air tickets, the prices of the same cruise can significantly differ depending on a booking system. Please, look at the first random example (on the screenshots). You can see the same cruise, the same cruise ship, and the same cruise duration. 

Saving on Cruises with CruisePanda

  • The price for the double cabin is 518 US dollars at, the American website;
  • Whereas the British site offers us the price amounting to 247.68 UK pounds, which equals 294 US dollars.

As you can see, the difference equals more than 200 US dollars. Which offer would you choose? Moreover, speaking about the British website, the service charge or gratuities, is included in the cruise cost, whereas it is not included on the American site. Considering it, prices differ 2 times!

Besides, we are speaking about a four-day cruise. Can you imagine what the price difference would be if the cruise lasted for 2 or 3 weeks?

How CruisePanda Works

The essence of the project is approximately the same as that of TravelFree, except that we deal exclusively with sea cruises. We are searching for the most attractive cruise deals through international cruise markets and serve them daily to your attention.

CruisePanda is not a travel agency and does not sell cruises. We find the most attractive price on a cruise and tell you where to buy it at a minimum price. 

Well, let’s get to the point! 

The Most Attractive Cruise Deals Right Now

Cruise with Premium Line at Mass Market Price

The 10-days/9-nights Mediterranean cruise on Celebrity Constellation starting on August 27th, just for 383 euros per person was found on the Portuguese website. 

Cruise with Premium Line at Mass Market Price

Celebrity represents a premium class cruise line providing the highest level of service and outstanding food. Besides, the end of August – the beginning of September is the best time for cruising in this region. The regular price of such a cruise is usually two or three times higher. 

Here is Your One-Way Ticket to Brazil for the Late Autumn of 2022

Here is a relaxing transatlantic 14-day/13-nights cruise from Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro at just 404 euros. The price itself is surprisingly attractive (only 31 euros per day including food), in addition to it, the service charge is included in the cruise price! This price is final and you won’t have to pay a penny more on board!

Here is Your One-Way Ticket to Brazil for the Late Autumn of 2022

What about All Inclusive?

We have managed to find a wonderful offer from the German TUI Cruises. A weekly cruise to the beautiful Azores from Tenerife in November 2022 will cost you just 399 euros. Everything is included in the price: first-class food, gratuities, as well as all the beverages, both alcohol (including cocktails served at the bars), and soft drinks.

All Inclusive cruise

That’s just current offers. Cruises to the Norwegian fjords from 249 euros per week, the Mediterranean cruises from 149 euros per week, and the like, appear on the CruisePanda website, and yet, as a rule, such cruise deals have a “short lifetime” being available for some hours or days at the maximum. It is important not to be late. Sometimes there are error fares set by mistake by cruise lines and, yes, they often work, so you can get the lowest price as a result!

Don’t Miss the Best Cruise Deals

CruisePanda searches for and publishes the most attractive cruise deals every day. Thus, if you would like to be informed promptly and get notifications regularly (as cheap cruises are sold out very quickly!) all that you need is to subscribe to CruisePanda on a social network convenient for you:

Is There Anything Useful Left?

CruisePanda monitor not only low prices as the best cruise must not be necessarily the cheapest. All the members of the editorial office have significant cruise experience. Everyone has made dozens of cruises with completely different cruise lines in various cruise destinations worldwide, from the Caribbeans to Madagascar and Spitsbergen. 

Such expertise allows finding the real jewels among thousands of offers, those cruise deals choosing which you pay significantly less than you finally get. CruisePanda also posts cruise deals offered by luxe-class cruise lines, such as Azamara, for instance, if they consider that their price dropped down to the lowest possible level, they should not be missed.

The website also shares its experience with you on the blog. For instance, they have published an article concerning how to look for cheap cruises and the basic principles that should be followed. Or, for example, you can find some pieces of advice on how to select a good cabin on a cruise ship without disturbing sounds, sea legs, and having a good unobstructed view from the balcony.

Well, if you are a cruise-addicted person and keen on cruising without harming your budget, it is the right time to join our CruisePanda Club!