This Is How To Save Up To 80% On Travelling To EGYPT

The places that everyone dreams of… They have incredibly much to offer and gather tourist crowds every day, but are often highly overpriced and, if not overpriced – still crazily expensive. But who wouldn’t go to Cancún only because it costs a fortune? 

The thing is that it’s not necessarily expensive if you know the right time to travel. It’s no surprise that everyone picks the most popular time to visit a particular destination, but have you ever thought about how it affects the price you pay? Travelling during the lower season is a synonym for saving in the travel industry: the rates for accommodations & flights go down significantly. RatePunk analyzed the price differences when travelling to the TOP destinations worldwide in the high & low seasons. 

Ratepunk extension compares hotel room prices on the major online travel agencies. It scans the top booking websites when you search for a specific room and shows the cheapest option. 

You’ll find the screenshots of the same hotels & their prices for the same number of nights during different seasons. Also, a list of the best off-season activities in that destination to explore the place affordably but to the fullest. 


Spain offers mild temperatures in winter, too, but tourists tend to visit the country for the sun, so the peak season here is definitely the summertime. Nevertheless, you won’t need many warm clothes any time you go, and get the same cultural experience as you would in summer, but for a better price. 

The high season | June – August

vincci malaga spain

The low season | November – March

vincci malaga winter season

The price difference between the seasons: 1049 € (41% less)


TOP things to do in Spain during the low season:

  • Take part in Christmas celebrations. When travelling in December, use the opportunity to feel the Spanish Christmas spirit. Explore the street markets during the day and enjoy the city lights at night. 
  • Visit national parks. Who likes exploring nature & hiking hills when the temperature is reaching 30°C? In December, the climate is friendlier to do that. If you feel like it’s the choice for you, we recommend checking out Parque Natural del Estrecho. 
  • Go shopping. There are a lot of discounts & sales in Spain during the winter months, and it makes shopping an exciting & affordable activity if you get bored of spending time outdoors. TOP city: Barcelona, for the so-called 5 kilometres long “Shopping Lane.” 


The country of heat & deserts: summer is the time when tourists tend to skip this destination. For the less hot days, Egypt is the most popular in winter, gathering crowds from all over the world. But, actually, even though it’s not the best time to explore the desert, summer months have their own pros, as well. 

The high season | November – February

egypt hotel high season

The low season | June – August

egypt hotel low season

The price difference between the seasons: 4812 € (83% ! less)


TOP things to do in Egypt during the low season:

  • Enjoy the beaches. You have to be careful spending time in the sun, but if you’re a fan of laying back & relaxing, 14 sunny hours per day and swimming in the warm sea is the option to try when visiting Egypt in summer. 
  • Sail on the Nile. Get a felucca (type of sailboat rented in Egypt), and spend the afternoon on the water, sailing the longest river in Africa. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and take a dip in one of the most famous rivers.
  • Scuba dive in the Red Sea. Making the list of TOP 10 places to scuba dive in the world, the Red Sea reaches 32°C in the summer. This one should definitely go to your travel bucket list. 


Heaven of all-inclusive hotels, Turkey attracts the most visitors in summer. Even though you can enjoy the weather of around 30°, the crowds are what make the experience less pleasant. Most of Turkey gets chilly in the lower seasons, but the region of Antalya is an exception, offering a pleasant climate all year round. And even more pleasant prices. 

The high season | July & August

turkey high season hotel

The low season | November – March

turkey low season hotel

The price difference between the seasons: 503 € (57% less)


TOP things to do in Antalya during the low season:

  • Go skiing. While the temperature on the coastline varies from 16-21°, you can also find ski resorts a few kilometres away. Consider giving it a try in the Saklikent ski resort. 
  • Visit Antalya Aquarium. See the underwater creatures & Europe’s most prolonged tunnel display. You’ll also find cafes & restaurants here, so the aquarium visit can become a way to spend the whole afternoon. 
  • Explore the Kaleici Old Town. Get lost in the city centre of Antalya – you’ll be able to wander through the narrow streets without the need to hide from the sun or avoid the crowds. What’s better than getting to know the city’s history while surrounded by locals? 


The rainy season equals the off-season in Bali, and that’s exactly what results in the price drop. Most travellers try to avoid this time, but it’s not as bad as one could expect. In Bali, the rainy period means tropical storms: although there are some periods when it’s raining day & night, most often it’s short & intense rain waves, ending with sunshine.

The high season | Jul – Aug

bali high season hotel

The low season | October, January, February

bali low season hotel

The price difference between the seasons: 1121 € (47% less)


TOP things to do in Bali during the low season: 

  • Go to a SPA. If there’s a place where you can get a 5-star SPA treatment without judging yourself for splashing too much, it’s Bali. With 1121 €, you’ll be able to spend all the rainy days here. 
  • Practice yoga. Most of the hotels in Bali have yoga lessons to offer. You’ll feel the authentic vibe and get yourself a healthy vacation. 
  • Learn to cook like a Balinese. The cooking classes are at the top of all Bali activity lists, and rain does not affect trying it out. No crowds mean plenty of spots to learn the cuisine secrets. 


The lower season matches with the hurricane season here. Luckily, the storms are short, and the temperatures are warm enough for the beach. Since there are fewer crowds, it’s advisable to double-check the tour schedules. Some of them minimize the workload during this period, so you may miss out on some excursions if you rely on the high-season times. 

The high season | Dec-Apr

cancun high season hotel

The low season | June – October

cancun low season hotel

The price difference between the seasons: 1036 € (31% less)


TOP things to do in Cancún during the low season:

  • Visit archaeological sites. Particularly the pyramids. Chichén Itzá is one of the top places to visit, and seeing it during the lower season guarantees fewer people, better pics, and less hustle & bustle.
  • Explore the underwater. Snorkelling is one of the most widespread activities on the Cancún coast. Since the waters there always have a pleasant temperature, you can experience it any time of the year. 
  • Tequila tasting. If there’s one thing that Mexico is known for, it’s tequila. Do a tour around the local bars, or even better: go to the La Destileria restaurant, where they have around 100 types of tequila. Perfect rainy afternoon! 
  • See the “Mayan Underground”. Caves and rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula are something that you can enjoy even during hurricanes. Take a walking & swimming tour and feel the ancient greatness.


The gem of Africa offers conditionally lovely weather all year and doesn’t have clear lines between high & low seasons. Nevertheless, the low season in Morocco has different reasons than most the other destinations, and it’s the religious celebrations that take place approximately from May to September. 

The high season | Fall & Spring

morocco high season hotel

The low season | Summer

morocco low season hotel

The price difference between the seasons: 430 € (48% less)


TOP things to do in Morocco during the low season:

  • Watch a movie in Tangier. When the heat hits the hardest, cool off in one of the cinemas, offering a variety of Europen & Moroccan movies. 
  • Go on a hike. The weather in fall is cooler and not rainy, making this period-perfect for hiking lovers. It’s a great time to explore Moroccan nature & wildlife. 
  • Visit UNESCO sites. Morocco has 9 in total & all of them are worth your attention. You might not explore them all, but checkmark these: Medina of Fez & Medina of Marrakech.
  • Get a rug as a souvenir in Chefchaouen. Despite being an extraordinary city itself, the blue town is known for its…rugs. The prices in the heat of the summer are lower, so it’s THE time to bring at least one home. 


Even though it’s pretty easy to get the lower accommodation price in the off-season, this difference depends much on the OTA you’re booking through. Some hotels may offer the same rates it’s in the high season, which is why it’s crucial to check at least a few if you want to really travel hack it. 

And that’s where RatePunk comes in handy. It’ll always show you where to book for the lowest price, guaranteeing that you do not overpay on your hotel stays. It takes only a few clicks to install & pops up only when you need it. Visit the website for more info:

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