WOWAir plans to add up to 15 destinations in Asia!

Skúli Mogensen, the CEO of WOW air told a local newspaper, that the airline plans to add up to 15 new destinations in Asia. The direct links between Asian destinations and Iceland would increase the number of Asian travellers visiting Iceland. Direct flights to Asia from Iceland would also provide travellers from North America to Asia a new option, a stop-over in Iceland.

Direct flights to Asia are crucial for the future growth of WOWAir Skúli said. His hope is that Keflavík Airport will grow to become a major international hub for people travelling across the North Atlantic, not just a destination for travellers visiting Iceland.

The airline has been growing at an incredibly fast pace. They only started flying to North America about three years ago, and already fly to over a dozen destinations here, which is impressive. Some have questioned whether their growth rate is sustainable, given the limitations of their hub in Reykjavik, which is nearly at capacity. It seems like at some point there may be consolidation in their future, as it could make sense for them to partner with an airline like Norwegian, for example, given their generally similar business models.

WOWAir will receive 4 Airbus A330 Neos which are planned to serve the new Asian routes.

Source: Visir