15 Signs That You Were Born To Travel

From time to time, most of us love to see new places, try new things or simply have a good vacation, with all the drinks, food and relaxation. How can we not, right?

But for some of us, no trip or vacation (regardless the length) is ever enough. They constantly have wanderlust in veins and have a tendency of thinking about the next trip while they’re still on the go. The plans and ideas for travel are dancing in their heads 24/7. Are you one of them?

1. You’re all-in to try anything once. Whether it’s a new activity, weird food, or something completely random your friend suggests, you open-minded and always have a passion for new experiences.

2. You enjoy planning as much as going. It’s not just about travelling to a new place, planning the trip is a big part of all the fun as well. You do a deep research to find the best deals, read all the reviews, and reorganize your itinerary. You simply take planning to a whole new level and enjoy doing it.

3. You always wish to visit a new place, yet at the same time, you’d love to go back to all the places you have visited before but feel like you still haven’t had the chance to fully discover them.

4. You’ve never actually finished your bucket list because you can’t stop with adding things to it.

5. You know the word for “Cheers” in at least ten different languages.

6. While other people seem to dislike airports and everything about them, you seriously love the experience of flying. Everything from staying overnight at an airport, watching airplanes land and take off, observing people and writing their life stories in your head – it’s one of your favourite parts of travelling.

7. And talking about airports. Or..other places you have slept at. You’ve definitely mastered the art of being able to sleep anywhere, anytime. Uncomfortable train station benches, tiny seats on a plane, dirty ass hostels, dormitory rooms with 25 other strange people.

8. You’ve always been interested in other cultures, studying different countries and greatly different landscapes than your own. You can easily get deeply immersed in travel blogs or travel memoirs.

9. You put the value on experiences and memories rather than money. You have second-hand furniture at home and drive a 2000 rusty Volkswagen Lupo. So what? That only means you’ve got enough budget to do wild-camping in Iceland or do the trek to Machu Picchu. In your opinion, experiences are always much better than material things.

10. As a person, you’re quite easy going and don’t let bad experiences get you down. When something bad or unexpected happens during your trip you’re able to shake it off quickly because you know it will make for a great memory, as well as a story to tell to others later on.

11. You sort of feel that travelling and meeting different people has made you see the world and yourself differently.

12. You are able to make friends anywhere, but you are just as happy to spend time alone.

13. You understand that travel comes with a sacrifice. Whether that’s missing out on anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, parties, you still think it is all worth it.

14. Honestly, sometimes it just feels too difficult for you to plan your trips because there are SO MANY places on Earth you desperately wish to see. Of course, you have your entire life to do that but some days it’s just like damn, where should I go next? You want to see ALL of it.

15. It’s hard for you to understand people who have lived in the same place their entire lives. It’s not that you think travelling makes you a much better person than anyone, not at all. It’s more like, HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD? It just doesn’t make sense to you.

  • Ieva Raģele

    This is absolutely about me 🙂