Georgia opens borders to 5 EU member states including BALTICS

As of today, from the list of those countries that have unconditionally opened their borders for Georgia, as per the decision of the Coordination Council, Georgia’s borders will also open for the following 5 states:

1. Germany
2. France
3. Latvia
4. Lithuania
5. Estonia

• In terms of other countries, the Coordination Council took into consideration the fact that several of said states opened their borders for countries that did not make it on the EU ‘green’ list.
• The citizens/residents of these 5 states will have the opportunity to entre Georgia only via means of a direct air travel for any type of visit.
• Prior to crossing the physical border, they will be asked to fill out a preformulated, special form, an electronic blank, where they must provide information regarding their travel history over the last fortnight before entry, along with the address of stay in Georgia, contact information, etc.
• If any inbound individual fails to pass the thermo-screening (registering a temperature of 37°C or higher), or as per their wish, they will be subjected to a PCR test directly at the airport.
• Additionally, testing will also be mandatory for those individuals, who have a history of travel in non-EU, high-risk states (with said list being determined by the World Health Organisation) or they can undergo the appropriate quarantine procedures.

• An especially created call-centre group will be in proactive communication with each individual foreign national entering Georgia for the duration of their entire stay, ensuring appropriate care.
• For EU member states that have not provided unconditional free travel to Georgia, the existing regime will also remain from the Georgian side. On the other hand, citizens of the countries that have placed Georgia in the ‘green’ list (except the aforementioned 5 EU members), or otherwise putting in place restrictions, will have the opportunity to entre Georgia after completing a 14-day mandatory quarantine, as a personal out-of-pocket expense.
• Apart from the above-listed 5 states, further negotiations are underway with states that have unconditionally opened their borders for Georgia, regarding the appropriate procedures.
• At this point in time the following states have not yet allowed their citizens to travel to Georgia for the purposes of tourism: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, Malta, Finland, Switzerland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary. It is noteworthy that an appropriate joint commission has been set up with Hungary, working on issues associated with the restauration of travel.

• A number of states (Italy, Cyprus, Iceland, Slovenia) have expressed readiness to open borders with conditions, including testing for COVID-19, as well as a 14-day mandatory quarantine.
• Additionally, it is noteworthy that the aforementioned list, published by the EU, along with the relevant recommendations, will be renewed once a fortnight.

In particular, an agreement has been reached with Lufthansa to carry out 2 flights a week to Munich starting in August. Government of Georgia is also negotiating with airBaltic and Air France.

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