4 Things People Will Say To Stop You From Travelling

1.“Isn’t it time to settle down?”

What those people really mean: “It’s time for you to be just like everyone else.”

The myth behind: Frequent travelers want to settle down eventually.

Hmm, settle down?

One thing’s certain – if people ask you why you’re not settling down, you make them nervous.

You make them nervous because you’re breaking a box they’ve built their own lives around. Four wall houses and cookie-cutter lifestyles aren’t your things, so you stick out like a sore thumb. But the thing is, neither of you is actually wrong. Some seek the ordinary life but you walk beyond it. It’s simple – you both share different values.

Let’s face it, settling down just isn’t on your list and that’s the way it will be.

2. “Are you sure you’re not running away from your problems?”

What those people really mean: “I don’t understand why you travel so much, so you must have problems.”

The myth behind: People who travel often only want to run away from life.

Often, this comes from close people. They think because you’re traveling, you must be escaping something.

Passionate travelers explore the globe for many reasons.

Some love traveling to expand ideas and learn about themselves. Some have caught the wanderlust bug and there’s no way back. While some travel in order to get out of everyday life, refresh and return with pockets full of energy and perspective. Each experience is unique.

And besides, does journeying especially indicate escapism? Some people stay in the same location and live a life nearly on autopilot. They escape into their own little routines without even stepping a foot out of line.

3. “Won’t that cost you a lot of money?”

What those people think: “Are you using mafia or growing money trees to fund your trips because I can’t seem to find the money for what you do?”

The myth behind: Traveling is crazily expensive.

Priority is key, simple as that.

You don’t need to own millions to travel the world. The limit begins and ends with ourselves. Of course, an ongoing travel might not be affordable to the average person because the person imagines himself staying at $200/night hotels and sipping $19 cocktails.

Prioritize and determine your own ideas and misconceptions. It’s crazy how easy it is to afford travel nowadays.

4. “You’re very brave, you know, traveling by yourself.”

What those people really mean: “You need to travel with a muscular man. You’re completely unsafe otherwise.”

The myth behind: It’s dangerous for women to travel alone.

It seems like women can’t go a day without reminders of their womanhood, which appear to be more obvious to others than the women who travel themselves.

“Can’t you see how they treat women abroad?” One of the top questions.

Something tells me there’s more behind this than just a media story which has set on fire this misconception. Perhaps a combination of stereotypes and social norms on top of that.

Scaring women out of their travel dreams produces disempowerment. We would all be better off the half-baked truths from the grumpy naysayers. There are lots of lovely female travel bloggers out there rocking the world!