5 Hidden Gems Of Venice

Venice is known for its watery beauty and ancient artistic legacy, attracting a lot of tourists from all over the world each year. Although it’s a slightly small city, it still hides unbeaten paths and holds secret spots worth exploring. Let me reveal to you our favorite ones!

1. Ponte de Chiodo

Venice has about beautiful 400 bridges but none of them will give you such an adrenaline rush while crossing as Ponte de Chiodo. It is one of the two bridges in Venice which has no parapet. Once it was a common thing in Venice, but today it’s just Ponte de Chiodo and another one on the Torcello island nearby.

venice_Ponte de Chiodo

2. Libreria Acqua Alta

For bargain hunters, this chaotic yet glamorous bookshop is a complete dream come true! Both used and new books are stacked in antique bathtubs, gondolas, barrels, and canoes. Here you can also take a break and simply play with the friendly cat who wanders in the shop. After you’re done collecting literary treasures, make sure to head to the garden and check out the staircase made from old, colorful books. Is it Instagram dream come true? You bet!

Libreria Acqua Alta_venice-763329-unsplash

3. Isola di San Michele

The lagoon of Venice consists of many different islands. Most people stick to the famous city of Venice, but why limit yourself there? San Michele is a very mysterious and peaceful place compared to the crowded main island (especially during the high summer season). San Michele has served as a cemetery since the early 19th century. The island has a lot of churches and very long, delicate ranks of marble tombs. It may sound a little grim, but it’s such a great escape from the crowds. While the place is wonderful, it’s not a tourist attraction. It’s actually a sacred place, where locals still show up to pay their respects, therefore the dress code should be respected – as a church.

Isola di San Michele_venice_529448-unsplash

4. Scuola Grande di San Marco

This is a free hidden gem hiding just in front of the face!

There’s a very long history for the building itself (dating back to 1261), but today it’s simply a hospital with a hidden gem upstairs. When entering the building, turn right and walk up the steps. Here you will discover the Museum of the History of Medicine and yes, it’s free of charge! Marvel at the expansive room full of exciting equipment, artifacts, explore the walls full of ancient books, and make sure you look up at the ceiling!

San Marco_Venice-634792-unsplash

5. San Francesco Della Vigna

This church is often quite empty due to its position on the edge of the city. And since it’s a monastery, silence is compulsory. However, it’s the perfect place to come and appreciate the spacious Renaissance interior, as well as the detailed frescos. Make sure you don’t miss the two back courtyards with orange trees and chirping birds.

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