5 Reasons To Visit Mallorca

Mallorca is quite popular European destination thanks to its sunny Mediterranean personality. With its azure views, white beaches, turquoise waters, remote mountains and beautiful hill towns it’s no doubt a dream-like island. Most people tend to hesitate when it comes to visiting a small island which is known somewhat touristic. But I am here to change your mind about Mallorca! Here I have listed five reasons you should definitely visit Mallorca, the ever-popular star of the Mediterranean!

1. For the romance

Your favorite cocktail dress, a glass of wine and a view over the ocean – what else could you wish for a romantic dinner with someone you love? Mallorca is as romantic as it can get! Though some parts of the island are quite touristic, there are places you will feel like you’re all alone. It’s not only the restaurants and the views that will leave you feeling spellbound. You’ll also feel enchanted by the tiny, romantic Spanish villages of the island! It’s no surprise why Mallorca is so famous for being a great lover and honeymoon destination. But hey, if you’re still in need of your prince charming, I’m sure Mallorca is a great place to begin your search as well!

2. For the coastline

This is the one thing I really love about Mallorca – the gorgeous coastline. Rent a car and spend a day or two road-tripping around the coastline. For a moment you’ll find yourself driving on the edge of a cliff and having stunning views of cliffs and the blue ocean, while at the other – driving through the most beautiful villages or passing by fantastic white sand beaches (where you most likely will want to take a beach-break). This island definitely owns a coastline that’s hard to forget.

palma mallorca

3. For the cuisine

I mean, Mallorca is a Spanish island. Is there anything more I need to say about food? Tapas. Tapas everywhere! We all know there’s something special about the Spanish cuisine, the food is simply great! So make sure you eat your heart out when in Mallorca. It won’t leave you disappointed, that’s for sure.

4. For the nightlife

Vibrant nightlife is absolutely a big thing in Mallorca. It offers basically everything from small, cozy bars on narrow streets to huge outdoor clubs with pools and famous artists. The nightlife experience of Mallorca is no doubt something unforgettable.

However, if you’re not a big fan of nightlife, just stay away from the wild ‘party zone’ during the evenings and you’ll be just fine.

5. For the views

As I mentioned previously – Mallorca coastline is something to die for. The views are incredibly breathtaking: whether those are the beaches, cliffs or the towns you’ll come across. But it doesn’t stop there, how about the views from a boat, from a restaurant, in the cute, little villages, or the views in the mainland? Or views of the citadels and harbors? I’d say the views of Mallorca is certainly the biggest reason for a visit. You must see the beauty with your own eyes!