7 Best places to visit in BALI

Bali, an island in Indonesia, currently is one of the world’s top destinations.

In the following years after the 2002 Bali bombings, it was quiet in Bali, as tourists avoided it. But after the release of the popular novel “Eat, Pray, Love” which later was followed by a movie, the island has gained fame once again.

But is traveling to Bali just a trend? Is this island overrated? No, definitely not! In our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful and most interesting travel destinations, and there are a lot of cool places to visit in Bali.

Its unique culture, its beautiful nature, its friendly people and its delicious cuisine won’t leave you indifferent.

If you’re tired of tourist hordes, don’t worry. There are plenty of places on the island where you can escape from the crowds. Just explore the small roads and don’t be scared to get lost sometimes!

Do you need some ideas? Here are 7 of the best places to visit in Bali.

7 Best places to visit in Bali

1. Sekumpul waterfall

There are several waterfalls in Bali but Sekumpul is one of the most scenic ones.

Sekumpul waterfall is a group of several narrow falls, and it is located in the northern part of the island.

Being far away from tourist hotspots, such as Ubud and Kuta, it’s not too crowded.

Just like with the most waterfalls, you’ll need to put some effort to get to Sekumpul waterfall. You can’t just drive there and end up in front of the waterfall! You’ll have to walk for 10-15 minutes, and then climb a few hundred quite steep steps through the jungle.

However, if you are an adventurous type you’ll enjoy both – the road to the waterfall and the Sekumpul waterfall itself.

You can’t really swim there but it’s possible to go under the waterfall.

2. Swings in Bali

Swing near Sekumpul waterfall

One of the coolest swings in Bali is in Sekumpul. It is located on the way to the waterfall – before going down the steps you can’t notice swing that’s installed between the two tall palm trees right next to the trail.

Many other swings are scattered all across Bali.

A few of the most popular ones are Bali swing, Tegallalang Rice Terrace swing (easy to get to but not the most scenic) and Hidden Hills Wanagiri swing.

3. Mount Agung and Pura Lempuyang Luhur

Wake up early and go for a scooter ride to mount Agung. Try to be in the area of Temple Of Lempuyang Luhur 20 – 30 minutes before the sunrise.

The view of Agung from this temple has become iconic lately but I would also recommend you to simply drive around the mount Agung area which is very little explored by travellers.

The temple Of Lempuyang Luhur is one of the oldest and most important temples for Hindu in Bali, and overall, one of the best places to visit in Bali.

4. Mount Batur hike

For the best sunrise view of Bali’s head to Batur. The hike isn’t too difficult but travelers are not allowed to go there alone. You must join a group or have a guide. Excursions are being sold everywhere on the island and start at around 25 EUR.

Hike usually starts at around 2 or 3 AM.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes. You’ll be walking on the rocks for at least half of the time.

5. Bias Tugel beach

Bias Tugel beach is one of our most favorite beaches in Bali.

One of the best things about this beach is that it is not your ordinary a-few-mile-long-sandy-stretch dotted with lots of hotels and restaurants but rather nice and cozy sandy beach nestled in the jungle.

Go there when the tide is coming in to enjoy the waves.

6. A day trip to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a small island southeast of Bali.

It’s a spectacular island which definitely is worth a visit. If you have time stay there for a night. This will allow you not only to see more but also to see those few most popular places in Nusa Penida when all the tourists (“daytrippers”) have returned to Bali.

Or at least go on a day trip to Nusa Penida. Excursions to Nusa Penida can be bought in any travel agent office in Bali.

7. A day trip to Ijen

Ijen is an active volcano in East Java, a couple of hours’ drive away from West Bali, and around 7 hours’ drive away from Ubud.

Ijen has a stunningly beautiful blue sulfur lake, and there you’ll see sulfur miners at work.

During the night a unique natural phenomenon can be witnessed at the volcano’s crater – the blue fire. It is sulphuric gas which is coming out of cracks and is ignited due to high temperatures.

The trip takes around 24 hours (driving in a van, ferry across the Bali strait, and hiking) and costs about 50 EUR per person. You can arrange a day trip at your hotel or at one of many travel companies. Choose only reputable agents!

The journey is long and tiring but it’s totally worth it! When else you are going to see such impressive scenery?

Bali travel tips


  1. You don’t need a visa to travel to Bali. Citizens of most European Union countries are entitled to visa-free entry for up to 30 days.
  2. There’s no public transport in Bali. Except for a couple of tourist bus routes. One of the best ways to travel around Bali is to rent a car with a driver. It’s not expensive – starting at 30 EUR a day, and the price depends on where you want to go. Renting a scooter is another option.
  3. Use Grab (a ride-hailing app) to book a taxi. It’s way cheaper than a regular taxi. Grab motorbike taxi is very popular in Bali, too.
  4. Accommodation in Bali is rather inexpensive. You can rent a one bedroom villa with a private pool for as little as 45 EUR! So, take that opportunity and stay in a beautiful villa!
  5. Be careful around monkeys! Hide all your shiny stuff in your bag. Large earrings, sunglasses, necklaces, plastic bags, etc. Everything that glistens and shimmers, and rustles. The sneaky monkeys can steal these things from you. If you are wearing glasses, be careful! They can grab those, too. If a monkey takes something from you, don’t grab it or touch it! Try to give it a treat instead (bananas are the best). The monkey then might drop the item it has taken from you in order to take that treat.
  6. If you are traveling to Bali in March, take into account that Balinese then celebrate the New Year (Nyepi). While the New Year is a fun holiday in other parts of the world, the New Year in Bali is a completely different matter. It’s called “Day of Silence”. And that’s what it is! It’s a day of fasting, silence, prayers, and meditation. Everyone must stay indoors, must keep noise level to the minimum, and switch all the lights off! Tourists are not exempt from the restrictions! You have to pre-arrange your food and water, as all the stores and restaurants are closed during Nyepi, and no one is allowed to go outside. There is no internet on the entire island during Nyepi. Nyepi is observed for 24 hours (from 6 AM to 6 AM). Even the airport is closed during Nyepi! In 2019, it falls on March 7. But in 2020, Nyepi falls on March 25.