8,000 kilometers across 15 countries by motorcycle!

Jacob Laukaitis was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but have never been to any of the Balkan States. So right after he came back from an 8 month-long trip around Asia, he bought a motorbike and left to Balkans completely alone. There were 8,000 km across 15 countries.

Countries which Jacob went through by motorcycle:

Lithuania > Poland > Czech Republic > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Greece > Macedonia > Kosovo > Serbia > Romania > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Lithuania.

Jacob did not plan this route in advance, there was no map either. So he literally decided where to go next after each night after spending at hotel.

Jacob Laukaitis: “I really enjoyed driving down the coast of Croatia; doing the best mountain passes in Europe – Transfagarasan and Transalpina in Romania; exploring the ancient town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina; checking out the the UNESCO heritage site Meteora in Greece; and so much more! I am so excited for my trip!”

Look at his video: