Airlines with most complaints caused by drunken passengers

A new survey conducted by an independent UK-based consumer review site found that Ryanair had the most complaints caused by drunken passengers.

The survey, conducted by Which? Travel, asked 7,900 readers to share their experiences from recent flights on a selection of top airlines in the United Kingdom. The survey specifically asked readers to report how many times, if at all, they had experienced an obnoxious and intoxicated passenger disrupt passengers on a flight.

The results of the survey found that passengers aboard Ryanair experienced the most alcohol-related complaints of any airline.

The Which? Travel survey found that 17% of the 7,900 surveyed reported experiencing, “shouting, drunkenness, obnoxiousness, or verbal abuse” on a Ryanair flight in the past year.

Thomas Cook, a low-cost vacation airline based in the UK, came in second place with 15% of passengers reporting an incident in the past year. Third place goes to TUI fly, a German-based leisure carrier, with 14% of flyers reporting a drunken incident in the past 12 months. The full list is as follows:

  1. Ryanair (Ultra-Low-Cost) 17% of Passengers
  2. Thomas Cook (Leisure) 15% of Passengers
  3. TUI fly (Leisure) 14% of Passengers
  4. EasyJet (Ultra-Low-Cost) 13% of Passengers
  5. Jet2 (Low-Cost) 11% of Passengers
  6. Emirates (Full-Service) 8% of Passengers
  7. Virgin Atlantic (Full-Service) 8% of Passengers
  8. British Airways (Full-Service) 7% of Passengers
  9. FlyBe (Regional) 5% of Passengers
  10. Norwegian Air (Ultra-Low-Cost) 5% of Passengers

Airlines with most complaints caused by drunken passengers

Source: Which?