Awesome Things to Do & See in Crete This Summer

Crete is a magical Mediterranean island full of ancient treasures, gorgeous beaches and landscapes surrounding lively cities and dreamy villages. The island is huge and doesn’t even feel like it’s part of Greece. It acts like its own nation where people really adore their own “island country”.

Locals share their excellent cuisine and traditions and are incredibly generous and friendly. So kick back and make sure you get a full experience of the charismatic harbour in the glittering Mediterranean!

Visit Spinalonga Island

This little island is very close to Crete, therefore easily reachable by a tiny boat. The tiny island has had a quite turbulent past and is a place where to explore some of the Venetian histories.

Today the island is very peaceful and an interesting place to visit. Get on one of the small boats leaving from Elounda.


Wander through Chania

This is one of the largest island cities on the Greek Islands, so there’s definitely a lot to do. However, make sure not to miss the Venetian Harbour, the old lighthouse and the Agora Marketplace (here you can grab some fresh fruit or vegetables, yum!).

Relax at Seitan Limania Beach

This tiny but beautiful beach is a great place to relax and simply chill out. The beach is not very far from Chania (as well as Chania Airport). But since the beach is quite small, it can get pretty busy during peak season. In order to avoid the crowds, it’s a good idea to take an early morning dip during the week. It’s definitely worth the visit. It’s so stunning!

Explore Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge National Park is another gorgeous part of Crete with something unique compared to the other Greek islands. The trail through the park is actually the longest in Europe! During this 18 km long trip you will experience spectacular scenery and landscape. You may also get the chance to see one or two endemic animal species like the spiny mouse or the Cretan badger. And yes, completing the hike may be a little difficult during the warm summer weather, but seeing the stunning views over the Libyan Sea will simply take your breath away!

Visit Europe’s oldest city – Knossos Palace

This is the biggest Bronze Age site on the island and is known as Europe’s oldest city. It will cost you about €15 for entry but it’s certainly worth the adventure while visiting the island. Do not miss the incredible Throne Room and the beautiful frescoes.

Adore the Balos Lagoon

The Balos Lagoon is located in western Crete and is a gorgeous must-see place in Crete. It’s one of the most visited places due to the stunning beaches, shallow turquoise waters and exotic scenery. But if instead of soaking up vitamin D all day long, there’s also a hiking route around the lagoon you can take and get some fantastic viewpoints. Since it’s such a sought-after destination, it can get quite crowded, therefore it’s a good idea to arrive pretty early in the morning.

Explore Mirambello Bay

Listing in the top 5 of the largest bays in all Europe,  Mirambello Bay is a lovely place to relax. Explore the region, take some dips into the Sea of Crete and take a bite to eat in the modern Agios Nikolaos town.

Visit Psychro Cave

Psychro Cave, also known as the Diktean Cave, is more than just a simple cave. It’s located in the eastern part of Crete and has an interesting mythological importance. The legend says that in the cave the goddess Rhea gave birth to Zeus. Well, it’s no wonder why the cave still attracts a ton of visitors today, right?

Taste Greek dishes

And the last but not least – try out some Greek food! It’s actually one of the best things to do in Crete. Before the fast food became more convenient, the people here used to have one of the healthiest diets in the world. The Cretans focus mostly on organic food. They use natural sources from seasonal products. There are plenty of delicious dishes to try (and not just the typical Greek food). So make sure you get to try Dakos, Kalitsounia or some of the tasty Cretan Cheeses!

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