Be smarter than airlines! What is an Error fare and how to find it?

You have thought about what is an Error fare and how people find it? Do you want to fly for cheap, really cheap? For example, to Malaysia and back for just under 200 EUR? Believe it or not, but sometimes the airline offer prices that are that low. Actually it’s not really the airlines offering it, but the price appearing by mistake. These are called “error fare”. I will tell you to understand how and why these errors occur and how to use it to our advantage.

What in definition is error fare? It is a reduced ticket price for a flight which comes as a result of a human or computer mistake.

How do fare errors occur?
Fare errors occur as the result of human or computer mistakes. Human mistakes include the usual tired employee who typed the fare wrong, and computer mistake include currency conversion or the omission of certain costs to the ticket (Fuel, taxes…). This is why it’s called error fare, because there has been some mistake somewhere along the lines.

Human error
Tiredness, laziness or a clumsy click on the keyboard can lead to significant errors when entering the flight price, which can result in a significantly lower fare.

Currency conversion errors
Fares converting from one currency to another are at risk of miscalculation. When they occur, you will have a fare error to your advantage.

Missing fuel surcharges and other fees
Fuel surcharges were first established in summer 1970, during the oil crisis, to adapt to the price fluctuations. Sometimes, the error occurs on the fuel surcharge portion of the ticket price. Since the fuel surcharges constitute a major proportion of the ticket price, if they are “left out”, it also means a much lower fare.

It is too hard for the airline to find and correct errors!
Occasional incorrect price occurrence is unavoidable, but with an abundance of flights and outdated reservation systems, every now and then errors occur. Also, the error correction process is expensive and time consuming, which means the airline will sometime ignore the mistake. And again – voila!

Where can I find pricing errors?
And now the question that all of you are interested in! Where can I find these magically low-cost trips? The simplest and easiest way is to keep track of the blogs that error fare emergence published. One of the resources is An even simpler way is to follow the blog’s Facebook or Twitter page!

Here are some more helpful tips on error fare:

– Do not, under any circumstances, call the airline or write about the price error! If you call and ask the airline if it’s possible to fly to Malaysia and back for 170 EUR, you will most likely be informed that it is a mistake and asked to wait until it is fixed – which means seeing an increase in price by three hundred to five hundred percent.

– Pay for your flights with your debit or credit card. If you pay by cash, then you will need to go to the airline’s office, which means they will notice there has been an error fare.

– Remember that tickets can also be lifted. Be patient; do not start reserving hotels, renting cars, booking tours and so on. Airlines have the right to correct their mistakes, and change the price.

– Check your ticket on Check My Trip in order to double check if your error fare is cancelled or confirmed. If the ticket reservation number displayed on this site, then there is a high probability that the ticket will not be cancelled.

– There is a chance that low-cost airline flights may make the errors, it does not happen often, so when you see error fare – do not expect the flight at that price to be available for long. Book immediately!



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