Beast TESLA Car Sharing + Promo Code

Beast Tesla promo code Y282UP150M for your first ride. Now available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Norway.

BEAST TESLA car sharing. Fully electric vehicle sharing is one of the best optimizations to reduce congestion, traffic and the need for parking, not to mention it’s also great for lowering wear of roadsremoving tailpipe emissions and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Beast Tesla is here to speed up the process of switching to electric vehicles by actively battling the bias and transforming the concept and necessity of vehicle ownership. Not to mention Beast minimize congestion, optimize parking space, reduce CO2 emissions and provide the best experience you’ve ever had with a rental service.

beast tesla car sharing rent

Why choose Beast?

It’s way past the time to take responsible action to help keep the world greenclean and beautiful by taking action now.


Spend some quality time with yourself while having autopilot help you on the road, the options are endless

Positive Impact

Get around with comfort and ease while having a positive impact on the environment

Easy to Use

You can organize a hassle-free getaway with your family or friends

Fast Customer Support

The team behind Beast gives more than their best every single day to make sure you feel safehappy and comfortable

How to get Beast Tesla promo code:

1. Download Beast Tesla app and sign up.
2. Add Beast Tesla discount code Y282UP150M (Beast Tesla promo code)
3. Go for the ride


Beast Tesla promo code 2023

Beast Mobile App

The Most Convenient & Fun Solution

  • It’s 24/7
  • Fully electric fleet, only Teslas
  • As our users like to say: Minute-based Tesla rental
  • No paperwork
  • No keys, just your phone
  • Charging, insurance and roadside assistance included
  • Travel up to a few hundred kilometres per each day without any additional cost
  • No deposit is required when pre-booking
  • Book a Beast and get in