7 best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Curious to know about the best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Known for its breathtaking natural sights and historical towns, Bosnia and Herzegovina attracts more and more foreign tourists every year.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a confluence between the East and the West, a place where the Islamic and Christian cultures meet. 

In Bosnia you’ll see incredibly beautiful Ottoman mosques coexisting next to churches and shiny modern buildings.

As the beauty of Bosnia is in nature itself, do not limit yourself just to its cities. Marvel at its natural sights, meet friendly villagers and taste some homemade rakija which definitely will burn your throat but warm your heart!

Sounds enticing? So, do you want to come and explore Bosnia?

But what to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina? 

There are plenty of interesting places to visit and amazing things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To help you prepare for your trip, we have created this list of some of the best things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

7 best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a confluence between the East and the West, and the meeting point of cultures — Ottoman and Islamic, and Austro-Hungarian and Christian.

While Sarajevo still bears scars of the gruesome past, one can not miss its magnificence.

The beautiful city is surrounded by hills which are dotted with residential buildings. 

Marvelous Ottoman buildings, charming mosques, attractive Austro-Hungarian Empire buildings and lively bars coexist next to each other. 

The most beautiful part of Sarajevo is its historical center and the Old Bazaar (Bascarsija) where you can find traditional crafts and feast on traditional Bosnian food and sweets. 

There are several viewpoints of Sarajevo, where you can enjoy stunning panoramic views over the city. The best views of Sarajevo are from the Trebevic viewpoint, Yellow Bastion, and Zmajevac hill.

Newly opened Trebevic cable car will take you to Trebevic viewpoint (1600 m) in just a few minutes.

2. Mostar & Blagaj

Mostar is a very popular tourist attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

It is known for its charming old Ottoman quarter which is home to the most popular bridge in the country — Stari Most (“Old Bridge”), also known as Mostar Bridge. It is a rebuilt 16th-century Ottoman bridge.

The bridge is so popular because of the fearless local young men who fearlessly throw themselves off it. It’s an impressive and frightening sight as these young men jump from the height of 29 metres into the cold waters of the Neretva river.

If you are visiting Mostar, do not miss Blagaj. It is a village located very close to Mostar — just a 15 minute taxi ride away. Blagaj is known for its Dervish monastery. This nearly 600 years old monastery is situated at the base of a cliff, next to the source of the river Buna. 

3. Kravica Waterfall

Kravica Waterfall is a large cascade on the Trebižat River.

Its total width is 120 metres, and height — 25 metres.

Swimming in the turquoise waters beneath the falls is one of the best things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

4. Una National Park

The Una river is 212 km long, and stretches along the border of Bosnia and Croatia.

Una National Park was established around the Upper Una River and Unac River (a sinking river), to protect these two unspoiled rivers.

Being one of the most picturesque places in Bosnia, Una National Park is among the best best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Una National Park is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest and most recently established national park.

There are several beautiful places we would recommend to visit in Una National Park:

  • The Una Canyon;
  • The Unac and Una confluence;
  • Ostrovica medieval fortress;
  • Strbacki buk waterfall.

5. Pocitelj

Pocitelj is a small and picturesque Ottoman town on the left bank of the river Neretva.

It is known for its medieval castles and ruins.

Hike up the hill for awe-inspiring views of the town and the surrounding area. 

6. Lukomir

best places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lukomir is considered the oldest Bosnian village. Lukomir consists of two settlements: Donji (Lower) and Gornji (Upper) Lukomir.

At an altitude of 1495 m, Gornij Lukomir is the highest and most remote village in the country.

With its squat, ancient stone houses with wooden-slat roofs, Lukomir attracts many curious visitors.

The best way to visit Lukomir is to join an organised tour. Enjoy the beautiful vistas and learn more about the medieval way of life that is still practised in Lukomir!

7. Trebinje

Situated on the banks of Trebišnjica river, Trebinje is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s a cute town that usually isn’t included in itineraries of tourists travelling to Bosnia.

Explore its beautiful Old Town, and enjoy the stunning views from Austro-Hungarian fort located on the hilltop.

Trebinje is known for its wine. Thanks to the sunny and warm climate, the wine turns out excellent. A visit to one of the local wineries is a must.

best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina travel tips

  1. Visa. All European Union citizens can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina without a visa and stay up to 90 days (within 180 days).
  2. When to go? July and August are the hottest and driest months. And it’s also the peak season when prices for accommodation are generally higher. If you are travelling to Bosnia in July or August, book accommodation well in advance.
  3. Shoulder season (May–June & September) is a good time to visit Bosnia. Plenty of sunshine, and the weather is still nice.
  4. Rental car. The beauty of Bosnia is in nature itself. That’s why driving is the best option, so you can explore all beautiful places, not just its largest cities and main tourist spots.
  5. Transport. If driving is not an option for you, then fear not. There is a good network of buses and trains. Train tickets can be purchased online.
  6. Taxi. Taxis are not expensive in Bosnia. If you want to visit a place where there are no buses or trains, take a taxi. 
  7. Group tours are also an option. Use only reputable companies, like, GetYourGuide.
  8. Mobile data. As Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a part of the European Union, EU free mobile roaming doesn’t work in Bosnia. Consider buying a local SIM card.
  9. Multiple countries in a single trip. You can combine a visit to Bosnia with a visit to Croatia. Get a bus from Split to Mostar; the fares are inexpensive, and the journey takes about 4-6 hours.
  10. VERY IMPORTANT — The risk of unmarked landmines and unexploded ordnance. Please, be careful and do not wander off the road / street / path in rural, isolated and mountainous areas, as there might be unexploded landmines that can cause serious harm — and even death!