7 best places to visit in CHILE

Curious about the best places to visit in Chile? Chile is a diverse country that has a lot to offer to its visitors. When looking at the map, you see that Chile stands out from the majority of South American countries. It’s a long, narrow strip of land. The country is 4270 km long, and it spans multiple climate zones. But it only averages 177 km east to west (350 km at its widest point).

In fact, Chile is the second longest country in the world from north to south (after Brazil).

Its length allows the country to have an incredible variety of landscapes and climates.

But what exactly to see in Chile? 

To help you with the task of planning we’ve created this list of some of the best places to travel in Chile.

7 best places to visit in Chile

Torres Del Paine National Park


Torres Del Paine National Park is located in Patagonia, one of the most beautiful regions not only in Chile but in all of South America and the world. Patagonia definitely is one of the highlights of Chile that you have to visit. And Torres Del Paine National Park is your best option.

It is known for its dramatic landscapes — jagged peaks, bright blue glaciers and lakes, and golden grasslands.

The national park is home to various animals, including some rare species. 

Some of the most iconic sites are the 3 granite towers from which the park takes its name (Towers of Paine) and the horn-shaped peaks called Cuernos del Paine. The national park also boasts valleys, rivers, lakes, and glaciers. 

There are plenty of hiking options in Torres Del Paine National Park. 

Five-day, four-night 71 kilometres long W Trek through the park is by far the most popular hike in all of Patagonia.

The Grey Glacier, one of the most impressive glaciers in the world, is another very popular hiking destination in Torres Del Paine National Park.

And Mirador Las Torres is probably the most famous day hike in the park.

Valle de la Luna and the Atacama Desert

best places to visit in chile

Located in northern Chile, the Atacama Desert receives little to no rainfall and is the driest desert in the world.

The Atacama Desert is a beautifully desolate place. 

It boasts a dramatic landscape and stunning geologic formations.

Valle de la Luna is the place where you can enjoy the out-of-this-world landscape. The valley is named for its striking resemblance to the moon’s terrain. 

Popular among local tourists and international visitors alike, San Pedro de Atacama is a town on the edge of the desert and one of the best places to visit in Chile. 

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument consists of Magdalena Island and Marta Island. 

Founded in 1966, the Natural Monument protects the Magellanic penguin from the threat of depleting food resources.

Uninhabited by humans, Magdalena Island is home to one of Chile’s most important penguin colonies.

There are an estimated 60 000 breeding pairs of the Magellanic penguins on these islands.

Despite being currently uninhabited by humans, the island is a popular tourist destination and one of the best places to visit in Chile.

Chile’s Lakes and Volcanoes District

Chile’s Lakes and Volcanoes District is a lush volcanic valley region.

Climbing one of Chile’s most active volcanoes, Villarrica Volcano, is the must-do activity in Lakes and Volcanoes District and one of the best things to do in Chile.

We suggest you visit Pucón — a town in central Chile’s Lake District, lying on Lake Villarrica overlooked by the snow-capped Villarrica volcano. This picturesque town is a great place for adventure vacations — canyoning, exploring the caves and horseback riding. 

Puerto Varas is a city in southern Chile’s Lake District and another amazing place to visit in the area. It is situated on the southwest banks of Lake Llanquihue and offers breathtaking views of snow-capped Osorno Volcano and Calbuco Volcano.


chile santiago

Located in the middle of a valley and surrounded by mountains, Santiago is Chile’s capital and largest city.

Home to almost half of the country’s population, Santiago is energetic and vibrant. It’s the perfect place for enjoying Chilean cuisine, visiting its various museums and having a blast at a party.

Do not miss the city’s old colonial core and enjoy the spectacular views from San Cristóbal Hill.

Explore the streets of Barrio Bellavista — Santiago’s bohemian quarter. There you’ll find numerous restaurants, boutiques, galleries, bars and clubs. 


Valparaiso chile

Valparaiso is a major city in Chile and one of the South Pacific’s most important seaports. 

Valparaiso is considered one of the most remarkable cities in Chile. The city sits on several hills above a huge bay, with antique elevators that can take you up to panoramic lookouts.

The city is known for its colourful buildings and labyrinth of cobbled alleys.

The colourful Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Easter Island

easter island chile

Easter Island is a remote volcanic island with rolling hills and a lush carpet of palm trees.

The island is a special territory of Chile and is famous for its enormous mysterious statues made of stone.

There are nearly 1000 of these stone statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people. 

What was their purpose? How were these statues made? How did they transport them around the island? The mystery of these statues fascinate people throughout the world.

Easter Island is quite far from the mainland, and the tickets are rather expensive.

But if you have time and money, it’s definitely worth a visit!

chile travel tips

Chile travel tips

  1. Citizens of many countries (including the EU) don’t need a visa to visit Chile for the period up to 90 days. When entering Chile, you will be given a piece of paper with all your information. Keep this paper in your passport. Don’t lose it.
  2. Chile is a large country spanning a few climate zones. Climate can change from extremely dry to very cold. This means that there is no universal time to visit. 
  3. If you are visiting both the south and the north, take a look at the temperatures and pack accordingly. You’ll have to pack winter clothes, as well as summer clothes.
  4. As Chile is so large, fly to save time.
  5. Take a bus to save some money. Bus service is inexpensive and efficient in Chile. Night buses are comfortable and are a good way to save on a night’s accommodation. 
  6. Haggling is not common in Chile. Either you buy the thing or find another vendor.
  7. Women in Chile dress conservatively. If you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention, dress modestly, too. Wear long trousers and long sleeves. Due to hot weather, it is best to choose clothes made of light, breathable material.
  8. If you have time, combine a trip to Chile with a trip to Bolivia. Uyuni Salt Flat is a very popular tourist attraction in Bolivia, and it is located not that far from the border with Chile. Or, you can join a tour to Uyuni at San Pedro de Atacama. Usually, it takes 3 days, and it is a one-way tour.

To know more about Chile we suggest you visit also Chile tourism website: https://chile.travel/en