Discount code € 40 for accommodation on the site

Opportunity for cheaper accommodation. Service, which mediates the renting of flats and apartments, has released a new discount code with a value of € 40.

By signing up for Airbnb, you can get to start even € 20 discount (promotions can not be combined).

Discount Code: BelongToTheWorld

Terms of code:

  • The minimum reservation price is € 81,
  • Each person can only use once this discount,
  • Discounted reservations can be made until 31 October (including acceptance by the host)
  • Code is valid only for the new people on this site

1) To get € 40 discount, you have to sign up on

2) After you can make a reservation for accommodation in any place in the world with € 40 discount.


We advise you to hurry up with reservations, because the limit to use the code can be quickly exhausted.