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Taxi for FREE: Taxify promo code €10!

Drive with taxi for FREE: Taxify promo code €10. Get FREE taxi: Taxify promo code with 10 EUR credit. Claim your first free ride (up to €10) by signing up with Taxify and entering your invite code

Taxify is one of the fastest growing transport apps in Europe with over 3M customers in 20 countries. The technology company was founded in Estonia in 2013 and is building the market leading platform connecting people with taxis and private drivers. Taxify has attracted 2 million euros of venture capital investments and a team of people from Skype, Google & Uber.

Where to get a Taxify promo code:

  1. Download Taxify & sign up.
  2. Enter code FWQQD
  3. Request a ride.
How to add code

Taxify promotions only work for credit card payments.


Invite codes are valid in limited cities.

If you were lucky enough to receive a promo code, here is a simple 3-step guide how to activate your code and a discount or free ride.

taxify promo code

Once you have entered a promo code and selected your bank card as a payment option, continue ordering a taxi as usual.

The promo code value will reduce the cost of your ride. If the cost of the ride exceeds the promo code value, the remaining amount will be charged from your bank card.

NB! Taxify is giving voucher code €7 to the new customers who sign up and download Taxify app.


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  • Taxify official TM

    Code for getting Promotion bonus for free rides for You and Your friend for the total amount 20 EUR = 7Y9TW

  • jackbremer

    Only gave me £3 credit – seems that’s their deal now.

    • Kudžis Kudors

      I got 7 EUR

    • Nesuprantu

      Invalid promo code 🙁

      • Edgars Plešs

        It is working. Please note, that Taxify is giving voucher code €7 to the new customers who sign up and download Taxify app.

        • Ramona Nejavica

          Virsrakstā minēts, ka promo ir par 10 EUR. Kad nospiedu uz saites, man piedāvāja 5 EUR. Zemāk tekstā zem NB! rakstīts par 7 EUR. Kur konsekvence? 🙂

  • Bonjour à tous ! Voici un exemple mon code de parrainage pour ceux qui souhaitent s’inscrire !
    Code parrainage 3€ parrain / 3€ filleul
    CODE : QK3KY


    Hey Use my promo code GQZMV it gives 8-15 dollers depending on location

  • tavioto

    I got only 5€

  • Giedrė Abromavičiūtė

    Try code 8UB65

  • Niko

    This code worked: B6KBZ

  • Julián García

    This one works me good ZEB6T. Link

  • Giedrė Abromavičiūtė

    JC7PW code is for 4€ discount for first time riders

  • Viola Poloučková

    I have B2DFM

  • pooja patel

    18FGS got me €4!!

  • MLopes

    New code guys, RP1WV but for 11€ only, the old one isn’t working.

  • Murad Teymurlu

    U67AX guys this is 7 usd promo code use it ))))

  • Niko

    This code worked: B6KBZ

  • Evgenii Serbinov

    It was just €5 in Tallinn, but anyway – 10x!

  • Try this one.
    Use my invite code GATISRUW and get a free Taxify ride up to -10€. Redeem it at

  • Niko

    This code worked: B6KBZ

  • Fatima A.

    Invalid promo code. I used this one for Prague: R41DA. 150 CZK off!

  • Codes work just for the first ride.

  • Joli

    code PFABW

  • Ella Kurt

    New Bolt / Taxify codes March 2019, 10€ free ride -10€ for new users: 1) 9WLDT 2) ZKNUB 3) LP7Y4

  • Abr

    New Bolt / Taxify codes March 2019, 10€ free ride -10€ for new users: 3YNVS