Flight review: FlyDubai, low-cost member of The Emirates Group!

We travelled recently with FlyDubai on one of the newest routes of the airline. We flew from Krakow to Dubai and back. The airline flies the latest generation Boeing 737 MAX airline on this route. Let’s see the experience of this flight.


The airline offers free airport check-in, however, we checked in by its mobile app. It was easy no hassle at all. The only unusual thing which came up, that it is possible that you will be asked to present your debit/credit card, which was used to pay for your reservation. Actually, no one asked for it, just in case don’t forget your card at home:)


Flying from Krakow to Dubai takes approximately 6 hours.

The aircraft is a brand new plane, so everything worked, nothing broken. Everyone has a USB power outlet built into the screen. However, as it is a low-cost airline you get the seat only and take it literally. There is a built-in, media center, but you have to pay for its content.

During the flight, you get no drinks/snacks, you have to pay for it also. If you will be hungry and would like to eat some hot meal, you can not even buy on board, you have to preorder it 24 hours before your flight!

So eventually be prepared to look after yourself if you are planning to travel with FlyDubai.

We saw many passengers travelling with Emirates tickets on our Flydubai flight – they got a free meal and a bottle of drink (only once for the 6-hour journey), but the media center was not free, even for them!!!

PS: FlyDubai flies to and from Dubai Terminal 2, which is not connected with Terminal 1-3, so if you are planning to travel further, with a different airline leave sufficient time to change terminal. Also good to know that the only transportation option is by taking a taxi! Maybe if you book your flight with Emirates you can get a free terminal shuttle, but we are not sure about this!