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Alicante or Alacant, both official names, is a city and port in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the capital of the province of Alicante and of the comarca of Alacantí, in the south of the Valencian Community. It is also a historic Mediterranean port. The population of the city of Alicante proper was 334,329, estimated as of 2011, ranking as the second-largest Valencian city. Including nearby municipalities, the Alicante conurbation had 462,281 residents. The population of the metropolitan area (including Elche and satellite towns) was 771,061 as of 2011 estimates, ranking as the eighth-largest metropolitan area of Spain.


Kaunas – Copenhagen (Ryanair)

Copenhagen – Alicante (Ryanair)

Alicante – Copenhagen (Vueling)

Copenhagen – Kaunas (Ryanair)

Travel dates:

January – February 2016

Some examples:

Mon 25/01/16 – Fri 05/02/16 98 EUR

Wed 27/01/16 – Fri 05/02/16 86 EUR

Sun 31/01/16 – Fri 05/02/16 106 EUR

And other options.

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