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Gothenburg (Swedish: Göteborg, pronounced “Yeutebory”) is the second largest city in Sweden with approximately 500,000 inhabitants (2008) in the municipality. It is situated on Sweden’s west coast at the outlet of the Göta river. With over 60,000 students Gothenburg University is the largest in Scandinavia. Gothenburg has a reputation of being a friendly place, even more welcoming than the Swedish capital.

Travel dates:

April 2016

Some examples:

Gothenburg – London (STN):

Tue 05/04/16
Tue 12/04/16
Wed 13/04/16
Tue 19/04/16
Wed 20/04/16

London (STN) – Gothenburg:

Wed 13/04/16
Tue 19/04/16
Wed 20/04/16
Thu 21/04/16
Tue 26/04/16

And lots of other options (there may be a few cheap flights on the same day for the same route).

Where to book:

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