Flights to Rovaniemi (LAPLAND) from Helsinki just for €50 both ways!

Flights to Rovaniemi (Santa’s home) from Helsinki just for €50 both ways! Book flights from Helsinki to Lapland at the best price! Flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi cost only for €50 return.

Rovaniemi has been the business centre of Finnish Lapland since the 19th century. It was razed to the ground by the Germans in the final days of World War II, with only a handful of buildings left standing. The rebuilding after the war and the economic development in the ensuing decades have left much of the city a featureless expanse of concrete blocks. Officially Rovaniemi became a city in 1960, and in 2006 it merged with the surrounding rural municipality of Rovaniemi. The river Kemijoki, notable for being the longest river in Finland, runs next to the city center. On the west side of the river there is a large hill called Ounasvaara.

Travel dates:

March – October 2016

Some examples:

Mon 25/04/16 – Tue 03/05/16

Wed 11/05/16 – Wed 18/05/16

Tue 31/05/16 – Mon 06/06/16

Tue 12/07/16 – Tue 19/07/16

Mon 22/08/16 – Mon 29/08/16

And a lot of other options.

Where to book:

Visit Norwegian

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