Get Awesome Videos: Editing Solutions For Travelers

I know where your vacation files are. They’re on your hard drive, somewhere deep on your laptop, smartphone, backed up in Dropbox, maybe even still on a memory card or worse, been deleted. But what if you want to tell the story of your life? New kid on the block, VideoDone, has solution to your problem.

VideoDone is the fastest growing video editing platform in the Baltics. VideoDone is an online service that connects travellers with video editors. VideoDone is already available in the USA, UK and Baltic states. Users can choose a tariff plan based on gigabytes, the number of soundtracks, the amount of comments, the duration of the final video and the delivery time. After files have been uploaded, the footage is assigned to a video editor who prepares a preview version of the video. Users can comment on the go while watching the video and approve or request changes. VideoDone was established in 2016 in Latvia and is currently operating in 5 countries – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the UK and USA — and has plans to expand into Nordic countries and the CIS region, as well as Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Watch this 3-minute video tour or read how the process works in this blog post.

By the way, VideoDone has prepared a special bonus for our readers. Read on and learn how to use the code TRAVELFREE to get 10% off any editing plan.

Step 1: Fill in the brief

A brief is a simple information form for your editor. You don’t have to be an expert to complete it, the answers will just come naturally. It is most important that you specify how you want the editor to work with your material. For example, do you want to capture highlights from your footage or do you want your story shown chronologically?

videodone Step 1


Step 2: Enter the code TRAVELFREE to make savings on your video

The VideoDone team has generated the discount code TRAVELFREE for our readers. Once you enter this code into the relevant field, you will see a 10% discount instantly applied to the total price. You can make payments in EUR, USD, GBP and RUB. Next, you’ll be redirected to the uploading stage.

videodone step 3
Step 3: Upload files

First, check that your internet is working. If the signal is strong enough, you can start uploading your awesome files. Click on “Start project” when you’re done uploading and the VideoDone video editor will take it from there.

videodone step 3

Step 4: Invite friends

VideoDone knows that it’s hard to collect all the content of your trip from your mates or colleagues. So, they’ve made it easier. You can invite your friends to upload files from their GoPro, Drone or smartphones in just a few clicks (plus, they don’t have to sign up).

videodone step 4

Step 5: Comment on your video. Finish, review or approve your video and share!

When you receive the preview of your video, you don’t have to write an email to provide feedback. Simply stop the video, leave a comment and VideoDone will timestamp your notes.

videodone step 5

Wherever we travelled, we’ve always loved creating fun moments and filming them. But, hey, wasn’t it a pity when, after a great trip, there was nothing we could do with our raw video files to share our stories with the world? This is how the VideoDone idea was born — a service where anyone can order a video from a professional video editor,” said company’s co-founder Eugene Mankov.

So, if you’re interested in professional video editing of your trip, visit this site for more information.