HIT! AirBaltic tickets from €11

AirBaltic tickets just from €11. There it comes, AirBaltic tickets just from 11 EUR. The lowest prices for winter 2016 / 2017.

AIR BALTIC CORPORATION (airBaltic) is a stock company that was established in 1995. The primary shareholder is the Latvian state with 99.8% of stock. In 2013 airBaltic carried over 2.95 million passengers. airBaltic offers flights to and from Aalesund, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Athens, Baku, Barcelona, Bari, Berlin, Billund, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Burgas, Chisinau, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kiev, Larnaca, London, Malta, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Munich, Nice, Olbia, Oslo, Palanga, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rijeka, Rome, St. Petersburg, Stavanger, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, Turku, Venice, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Zurich and also to other cities.


14 – 20 March


1 November 2016 – 28 February 2017

Some examples:

Vilnius <–> Riga 11 EUR

Tallinn <–> Riga 11 EUR

Tallinn – Berlin 29 EUR

Riga – Budapest 39 EUR

Riga – Prague 39 EUR

Tallinn / Riga – Vienna 39 EUR

and more other travel routes for great prices!!!

Fly for less to Europe’s greatest cities!

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