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Mumbai a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of Maharashtra state. Mumbai was originally a conglomeration of seven islands on the Konkan coastline which over time were joined to form the island city of Bombay. The island was in turn joined with the neighbouring island of Salsette to form Greater Bombay. The city has an estimated metropolitan population of 21 million (2005), making it one of the world’s most populous cities.

Example: 13.08. – 24.08.15

Travel dates: August 2015 – January 2016

13.08. – 24.08.15
14.08. – 28.08.15
23.08. – 07.09.15
09.09. – 23.09.15
30.09. – 14.09.15
05.10. – 19.10.15
29.11. – 14.12.15
28.12. – 11.01.15

and more other dates

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Accommodation in Mumbai:

1) There are some great accommodation options listed on www.venere.com

2) If you are interested in booking apartment or room then definitely visit airbnb.com (here you will get €23 bonus credit for accommodation after registration).

Have a look at Trip Advisor when planning your holiday to find out whats hot and whats not when it comes to all the local attractions.

To know more about India read more in Wikitravel here

Example screenshot:

riga to mumbai