HIT! Flights from Rome to MADAGASCAR / MAURITIUS from €398 round-trip!

Flights from Rome to MADAGASCAR / MAURITIUS from €398 round-trip!. Find cheap flights to MADAGASCAR or Mauritius from Rome, Italy and book your ticket at the best price! Flights cost only from €398 both ways.

Madagascar is a country that occupies a large island of the same name, located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world. In 2012, the population of Madagascar was estimated at just over 22 million, 90% of whom live on less than $2 per day. Malagasyand French are both official languages of the state. The majority of the population adheres to traditional beliefs, Christianity, or an amalgamation of both. Ecotourism and agriculture, paired with greater investments in education, health, and private enterprise, are key elements of Madagascar’s development strategy. Under Ravalomanana, these investments produced substantial economic growth, but the benefits were not evenly spread throughout the population, producing tensions over the increasing cost of living and declining living standards among the poor and some segments of the middle class.


Rome – Nosy Be (Madagascar) – Rome

Rome – Port Luis (Mauritius) – Rome

Travel dates:

April – May 2017

Some examples:

Rome – Nosy Be (Madagascar)
10 – 18 Apr
17 – 25 Apr
24 Apr – 2 day

Rome – Port Luis (Mauritius)
9 – 17 Apr
16 – 24 Apr
23 Apr – 1 May
30 Apr – 8 May

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