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Fuerteventura is one of the islands that makes up the Canary Islands (Spanish: Las Islas Canarias). It is a volcanic island, in some places untouched but in others heavily developed for tourism. Note that “Fuerteventura” roughly translates to “strong winds” or Fuerte (Strong) Ventura (Venture) depending on your level of Spanish, and the island is known for its wind surfing and kite surfing. Spanish is the national language in Fuerteventura, although English and German are widely spoken in many tourist areas. Other Canary islands (Tenerife, Grand Canaria) are easily accessible from Fuerteventura.

Travel dates:

November 2015 – January 2016


Some examples:

Vilnius – Barcelona – Fuerteventura – Barcelona – Vilnius

Wed 16/12/15 Tue 22/12/15 (132 EUR)

Wed 18/11/15 – Tue 24/11/15 (140 EUR)

Wed 02/12/15 – Wed 02/12/15 (142 EUR)

Vilnius – Bremen – Fuerteventura – Barcelona – Vilnius

Sun 17/01/16 –  Tue 26/01/16 (138 EUR)

and other options

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Have a look at Trip Advisor when planning your holiday to find out whats hot and whats not when it comes to all the local attractions.

To know more about Fuerteventura, you can visit and read more in Wikitravel here


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