Italy, Croatia, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina… 25-day cruise just €315! (ALL inclusive, except alcohol)

Italy, Croatia, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina… 25-day cruise just €315! (ALL inclusive, except alcohol). A voyage where you really enjoy life relaxing in the comfort of your floating hotel while at the same time discovering places of unique tradition and folklore. A voyage to discover the colourful and carefree Brazil, for a cocktail of relaxation, nature, enjoyment and culture.

Costa Crociere S.p.A. trading as Costa Cruises (Italian: Costa Crociere), is a British/American owned Italian cruise line, based in Genoa, Italy, and under control of the Carnival Corporation & plc. Founded in 1854, the company originally operated cargo ships, in order to carry olive oils and textiles from Sardinia to Liguria. In 1924 the company passed to founder’s sons (Federico, Eugenio and Enrico) that started commercial activities, buying the ship Ravenna. Commercial activities continued until the introduction of passenger services in 1947, with regular services between Italy and South America. The company later converted its entire fleet to full-time cruising, and as an independent company became one of the largest cruise operators in Europe. Acquired by Carnival Corporation in 2000, Costa Cruises is now one of eleven brands operated by Carnival and accounts for approximately 16% of its revenue.

Check out at this price! Possible only on 24 November 2016 from Trieste (Italy, near Venice) .

Ship: Costa Mediterranea,  price: 2769 NOK (315 EUR)  with all taxes per person for inside cabin (cabin 2 persons). This special offer, limited number of seats.

The price – three meals (without alcohol) and entertainment!

Do not be afraid of the question of Norwegian citizen passport. Payment goes succesfully, you will be put on the board. Think of an address (which is not real) in Norway, it is checked it will not be necessary to send the payment receipt (which never needed). Tested on our friends and readers.

Now you can only pay the deposit 60 euros per person, and the other money for the cruise will be taken on September 17, 2016:

In the price – three meals (without alcohol) and fun! Additional payments gratuities on board – around 8.5 euros per day per person.


Day Itinerary Arrive Depart
1 Trieste (Italy) 18:00
2 Split (Croatia) 12:00 20:00
3 Bari (Italy) 08:00 14:00
4 …cruising…
5 Civitavecchia (Italy) 08:00 18:00
6 Savona (Italy) 08:00 16:30
7 Barcelona (Spain) 13:00 18:00
8 …cruising…
9 Casablanca (Morocco) 09:00 23:00
10 …cruising…
11 St. Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) 08:00 18:00
12 …cruising…
13 …cruising…
14 …cruising…
15 …cruising…
16 …cruising…
17 Recife (Brazil) 13:00 19:00
18 Maceio (Brazil) 07:00 13:00
19 Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) 08:00 14:00
20 …cruising…
21 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 08:00 18:00
22 …cruising…
23 …cruising…
24 Montevideo (Uruguay) 08:00 18:00
25 Buenos Aires (Argentina) 09:00

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