New Zealand will keep its international border closed until early 2022

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed her government’s plan to reopen the country to the rest of the world.

“Each pathway will have testing and isolation requirements proportionate to that risk.”

Tourists who are both fully vaccinated and from countries deemed low-risk will not have to quarantine on arrival.

Travellers from medium-risk countries will either have to self-isolate or undertake a reduced period of managed quarantine, while those who are deemed high-risk will still have to undertake two weeks of managed quarantine.

“To prepare for the Medium-Risk pathway the government will run a self-isolation pilot in the second half of this year to test processes and systems for the safe use of this tool,” Ms Ardern said.

“Businesses and organisations that need to send staff overseas will be invited to express interest in participating in the pilot which will run between October and December 2021.

“The High-Risk pathway will see the continuation of a full 14 days in MIQ and testing for unvaccinated travellers and any traveller, including vaccinated travellers, who have been in very high risk or high-risk countries.”

Ms Ardern said New Zealand will also look to implement a traveller health declaration system, rapid testing on arrival at airports and reliable pre-departure testing.