Shop online and discover the beauty of the country on your travels

While travelling we want to have it all – enjoy pleasant sightseeing and discover something special for our home or renew the wardrobe with unique clothes. Unfortunately, we face an issue that time is limited, and we have to make some compromises on what comes first. Luckily, some convenient solutions finally allow us to have it all – smart shopping. How does it work?

Save time you might spend on shopping abroad

Atvido provides the possibility to shop in the UK and leave your leisure time seeing Buckingham palace, Windsor Castle, or any other destination. We give you a UK address for shipping your parcel into our warehouse, and we will forward it to your door. Atvido delivers to more than 200 countries worldwide. You can use this UK shopping address for any shop in the United Kingdom and feel completely local.

The same scheme applies to orders from Germany. You can shop at all e-shops and, once Atvido has given you delivery addresses in Germany, you can later receive your goods anywhere.

Stay calm and purchase | Package forwarding service UK

The thing that bothers us most abroad is the lack of time. We want to see and do everything, but shopping can take more time than planned. Atvido allows you to shop online without leaving your home and dedicate as much time as you need to select the perfect match. Unfortunately, not all UK e-shops send products abroad, so Atvido is the best solution. You receive a unique UK forwarding address, where all your shipments will arrive, and we will forward them straight to your door.

No stress in making decisions

While shopping during your vacation, sometimes we are under pressure to make the decisions asap. We know that we have to buy it now or never. With Atvido you receive a UK address for shipping, and you have no time pressure. Maybe you need a second opinion from your friend or significant other, no worries, the UK forwarding address opinion with Atvido allows you to take your time.

Return your orders for free

If you buy abroad and then change your mind about your purchase but have already left the country or city, you may have problems returning the products. With Atvido you receive not only package forwarding service UK, but the possibility to return it for free. All you need is just a UK address for shipping and returning your goods.

Yes, we have experienced this rush in travelling when your heart wants to keep up with everything, while the mind tells you that something will have to be sacrificed – a much-needed shopping spree or exploring a new land. By having a German or UK shopping address, you can have it all.