Simple Express and LUX Express SALE – 70 %

Simple Express and LUX Express started promotison sale of tickets. You can buy cheap rides from to Warsaw, Vilnius, Kaunas, Berlin, Prague, Tallinn and Riga. Prices one-way trip start from 11 EUR. Lux Express departures -70%, Simple Express departures -50%.

Simple Express departures -50%.

Vilnius – Warsaw Prices from 17 EUR
Warsaw – Berlin Prices from 18 EUR
Tallinn – St. Petersburg Prices from 14 EUR
Tallinn – Vilnius Prices from 23 EUR
Riga – Tartu – St.Petersburg Prices from 23 EUR
Riga – Vilnius Prices from 11 EUR
Tallinn – Riga Prices from 13 EUR
Vilnius – Prague Prices from 36 EUR

LUX Express departures -70%

To take advantage of the promotion, when you purchase a ticket for travel Simple Lux Express or Express, use the discount code: SUPERSALE

The promotion will run until Sunday. Promotional tickets you can buy for travel from 1 September to 30 October. These terms do not apply to travel from Estonia. Here Promotional tickets are valid from August 18 to September 17.

Terms & Conditions:
• First name, surname, date and time of travel may be amended before departure; in such a case must pay the difference in price between the ticket promotional and standard 
• Tickets are non-refundable, 
• Tickets purchased at the special price may not be exchanged for other promotional tickets
• price is not valid for travel by coach Lux Express Lounge, Lux Express Minibus and Lux Express Special, 
• Number of promotion for each journey is limited.