Skinners 2.0 – Unique Footwear for Travel and Sports

Have you ever felt the urge of getting closer to nature to feel it with each bone you have and be the real part of it? Let’s go back to history when our ancestors were walking barefoot. I am sure they were healthier and stronger. Our mother nature gives us all the strengths we need to survive. Just be close and feel it. The market provides us with this kind of products one of them being footwear that reminds of socks.

SKINNERS 2.0 is a versatile ultra-lightweight and portable footwear designed for different kinds of activities. High-quality materials provide durability and usage against any surface. So you are free to wear them while hiking, camping, travelling and during the workout. Let’s together discover this compact yet extremely comfortable footwear.


  • 4-in-1 functionality
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Waterproof and durable

Skinners 2.0

This Under-the-Radar Company Raised 600k on Kickstarter and Could Become the New Crocs

US$ 45 – one pair of SKINNERS 2.0 Kickstarter price

Get 35% OFF the estimated retail price of $69. You save $24.

Taxes, VAT and import duties to the USA and EU are already included! Sizes and colors will be requested in a survey sent after the campaign.


  • 1 pair of Skinners 2.0
  • 1 pair of Insoles
  • Protective sack

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Searching for light yet functional gear for sport & travel is a never-ending story, especially in footwear.
Afterselling over 300,000 pairs, Skinners—creators of the revolutionary 4-in-1 footwear—are introducing
the second iteration of their unique product on Kickstarter. After two weeks, they are on track to
surpassing their own record, having already raised over $600,000.

Shoes that respect proper feet function are crucial; hence Skinners 2.0 effectively combines the comfort
ofsocks with the protection ofshoes. Designed fortravel & sports enthusiasts, Skinnersserve as compact
yet protective footwear without all the bulk and weight of regular shoes. Versatile, comfortable, and
sustainably made, they can be worn both outdoors and indoors.

“Creating something revolutionary is never easy. But with 200,000 loyal customers on board, extensive
four-year research, development, and partnerships with footwear professionals, we managed to push
limits one more time,” says Petr Prochazka, CEO of Skinners Technologies.

Skinners’ minimalist signature silhouette quietly hides more than 10 features you can rely on. Three- layered quick-drying StretchKnitTM made of 6 functional fibers, the durable sole from a Swedish polymer, a perforated insole, and anatomical fit based on scans of thousands of feet—these are just few. Skinners are handmade in Europe with unique, patented zero-waste technology. “We’re glad ourstartup is another example of responsible footwear manufacturing,” adds Prochazka.

We have already seen the rise of other innovative footwear companies in the past: Crocs, Teva, Keen,
Merrel and others. Skinners—with 300,000 sold pairs of its ultraportable footwear, several design awards,
including prestigious German Red Dot and loyal customers—seem to be another market hit. For more
information and to order with early-bird discounts during crowdfunding, visit the Skinners campaign page
on Kickstarter.

Story of Skinners

Lightweight footwear “Skinners” was invented by young law clerk Petr Prochazka. The idea came from Norway, where he worked as a cook back in the summer of 2014. A breakthrough moment was when his friend injured a foot and could not wear traditional shoes. Struggling for a way to help him, Petr grabbed a travel sewing kit and created the first Skinners prototype. Two years later, he introduced the final product to the world via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that became the most successful footwear campaign at the time.