This Is Why People Who Travel Make The Best Employees

Dear hiring managers, this might sound crazy, but the right place to look for excellent employees isn’t some yawn-fest school’s job fair or LinkedIn. If you want to find the perfect problem solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers, believers, and movers, look for those with a passport full of stamps.

For some old-school hiring managers, months spent traveling rather than working seems like a wild and’ free ride rather than an educational journey. They assume that those with a bag of travel experience are only waiting for the next travel fix, they aren’t serious or hard-working. However, that just couldn’t be farther from the truth. Travelers have so many assets the university guys cannot compete with. They make the best employees and smart hiring managers know that (or at least should know).

We handle stressful situations well

We all know that the work environment can get stressful, therefore you want someone who can perform well under pressure. Travelers have faced more stressful situations in one year than majority do in a lifetime. And that’s a fact!

We are dedicated and disciplined

Nearly every long-term traveler found a way how to fund his/her own journey. To make the trip come true, we focused on saving up for a very long time. While our co-workers spent money on expensive dinners or our friends went shopping for clothes, we stayed home. We know the importance of sacrifices and how to remain dedicated to reaching a goal.

We are excellent problem solvers

From flat tires and broken down buses to canceled flights and food poisoning, a traveler has learned how to overcome any obstacle. We waste no time and get straight to problem-solving. We know that crying over spilled coffee or waiting for someone else to make their first move are simply useless endeavors.

We know how to negotiate

Most travelers have had to bargain at some point. Figuring out whether we’re getting cheated or not, or how to negotiate successfully leaving both parties happy had been a great skill to master over months and years.

We know how to budget effectively

Those who have traveled long-term know that in order to stay on the road, remaining disciplined is essential. One of our greatest strengths is maintaining an accurate budget. We know exactly how much money to spend and on what. Otherwise, the trip wouldn’t be manageable.

We aren’t scared of other cultures

In this globalized world of ours, it’s more important than ever to have employees who respect and understand other cultures. We, travelers, have picked up a great knowledge of other cultures during our trips abroad and know how to approach differences with understanding and respect rather than fear.

We know how to talk to anyone

We have learned how to speak with strangers and how to handle people regardless of status, age, or ethnicity whether it’s the streets stand man selling us cheese, a fellow traveler, or the CEO of a worldly-known corporation.

You see, dear hiring manager, those who travel have learned more in a few months than majority learn in a lifetime. So just imagine what a company full of intelligent, cultured, dedicated employees could achieve!


Annija Bodniece